Tuesday 3 February 2009


modular9 is new born.
modular9 is here to provide a platform from which final-year artists can engage.
modular9 is an initiative committed to the dissemination and enjoyment of art within the public realm.

the definition of modular is a body composed of autonomous components that can be combined or interchanged for assembly into units of differing form, complexity, or function.

modular9 seeks to develop an expansive and diverse body of artists from which configurations can be drawn and events can be developed. the idea:
every event or exhibition will present 9 artists. a randomly generated, rotational selection committee will be presented with anonymous proposals and asked to decide on the 9 submissions that best fit the proposed exhibiting context. through this method modular9 hope to produce objective, inclusive, context-specific environments.

with the express aim of producing exhibitions and events, modular9 are here to connect the art with the public and develop a relationship based upon open communication and equal representation. as well as exhibition opportunities modular9 will build a database of artists, accessible through our website, this space will work to represent the modular9 community; philosophy, artists and activities.

currently modular9 are actively seeking spaces in which to develop configuration-one; our inaugural event/exhibition.

we ask all interested parties who wish to be involved with the modular9 initiative to send an email to:


we will contact all interested parties to discuss further details of the project and its potential.
this has been a modular9 transmission.

an edinburgh college of art student intiative

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201