Friday 26 February 2010

Invitation - French Institute

You and your guest are cordially invited to meet the photographer Dominique Laug? at the preview of his exhibition "Bestiary" on Tuesday, 3 March from

Institut Fran?ais d'Ecosse
13 Randolph Crescent
Edinburgh EH3 7TT
Tel: 0131-225.5366

Bestiary ? photographs by Dominique Laug?
As alive as it is abstract, there is something dazzling and new about Laug??s bestiary. If art is a totally subjective vision expressed in a universal language, there are few works that demonstrate this notion as clearly as these. You have to seek it out ? because with all the boldness of the angles, the eccentric solutions and the unnatural colours, his images appear so real, so complete and in a sense classical, that they really appear to have existed for ever. This is not the case: to comprehend this, try to imagine them before they were invented. Eugenio Bitetti
For Dominique Laug? the word zoo evokes a personal, domestic, familiar experience ? a little park on Lake Leman which was a kind of rescue centre that rehabilitated abandoned and sick animals. He used to go there with his children when they were little, and what he glimpsed there moved him. Seeing things through his children?s eyes furthered the process of discovery, while as an adult he was also pervaded with an ironic sensation of disenchantment. The resulting images are particularly interesting because they offer up a vision of the magic that the sensitivity of a trained eye perceives in the banality of an everyday scene. [?] He sees animals according to the ancient Latin definition, as animated beings, with an anima that animates them. This is what his photography succeeds in capturing. Philippe Daverio

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Arthur Steward
Richard James Moat

Private View
Thursday 11th March
6pm - 8.30pm
Click to view invite <>


Exhibition runs from 12th March - 13th May 2010
Tues - Fri 11am - 4.30pm or by appointment.


Constitution Street
Edinburgh EH6 7BS
+44 (0)131 561 7300
+44 (0)131 555 0707

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Thursday 25 February 2010

Vane: new exhibition previews Friday 5 March 7-9pm

Café Carbon

The Gluts

5-14 March 2010

Preview: Friday 5 March 7-9pm

Opening hours:
5-14 March: every day 12-5pm

It is our pleasure to invite you as our guest to the preview reception for our new exhibition, 'Café Carbon', from 7-9pm on Friday 5 March as part of AV Late & Live, a special evening of AV Festival 10 exhibition previews and performances across NewcastleGateshead. Refreshments will be served.

'Café Carbon' is a musical performance that considers the consumption and production of food from pre-historic times to the present day. Gina Birch, Kaffe Matthews and Hayley Newman, aka The Gluts, performed 'Café Carbon' in the streets, bars and restaurants of Copenhagen during the 2009 Climate Summit. Wearing strangely fashionable up-cycled carbon-coloured costumes, the group invited the public to select songs from an indulgent menu including; starter (Stone Cold Soup); main (A Grand Buffet); and dessert (Sanity or Madness). At Vane, a video installation will tell the story of their extraordinary journey.

To find out more about AV Late & Live see: <>

The Gluts perform 'Café Carbon' live at Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, on Saturday 13 March as part of the Nothing is New, Everything is Permitted night. Doors 9pm, £6/£5, advance tickets online from <>

Exhibition produced by AV Festival 10 and Vane. Supported by Arts Council England.

Part of AV Festival 10: Energy
International festival of electronic arts featuring visual art, music and moving image
5-14 March 2010
NewcastleGateshead, Middlesbrough, Sunderland <>

Research Seminar: Wednesday 3 March 2010

eca research seminar series

The Inner Sense of Time

By Dr. Julian Kiverstein and Dr. Chris Speed
Philosophy, Edinburgh University; Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art

Time is intangible. There is no sense organ dedicated to the perception of time, yet we experience its passing. We feel the duration of events: ten minutes waiting for a train or ten minutes of snatched conversation with a friend. Current neuroscience research suggests a connection between subjective time and parts of the brain that monitor physiological states of the body and inform embodied emotions. Does looking at a clock, observing time, affect our perception of time. Imagine a clock that only functions when observed. What is the relationship between "lived time" and "universal time"?

Julian Kiverstein is teaching fellow in philosophy at Edinburgh University, recently completing a postdoc within the Eurocores Consciousness in a Natural and Cultural Context programme. He undertakes interdisciplinary research into the neural basis of subjective time, integrating phenomenology of mind with embodied cognitive science. Publications include a forthcoming book on Heidegger and cognitive science. Chris Speed is Reader in Digital Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art and is currently directing the EPSRC funded ToTEM research project inquiring into the "internet of things", examining things and our memory of them.

Wednesday 3 March 2010, 4.30-5.30 pm
details at:

Main lecture theatre (E22), Main Building
Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9DF

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Video Killed the Radio Star closes this Sunday

RHA exhibition: Video Killed the Radio Star curated by 126 closes this Sunday (28th of February), so don't miss it and pop into the gallery if you can.

126 with the RHA presents:


Members of the artist-run gallery, 126 were asked to respond to the theme 'Video Killed The Radio Star'. The works speak of and to society, at a time of perceived change, with responses that range from the critical and cynical to those with a more playful and humorous tone.

Artists showing are: Paul Murnaghan, Dominic Thorpe, Angela Darby, Fiona Chambers, Jim Ricks, David Finn, Padraig Robinson, Kevin Mooney, Austin Ivers, Nina Amazing, Timothy Acheson & Jennifer Cunningham, Kathryn Maguire, James Merrigan and Breda Lynch.

More images here:

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This inaugural exhibition at "Lyre & Anchor", set's a body of work up in relation to the rich heritage of the Edinburgh Vaults that have become linked in the public imagination with notions of the haunted. In response to this the artists chosen for this exhibition present a body of work, which draws on elements of the cities dark underbelly.

Thomas Aitchison presents a work on canvas, struck through with a metal grid silhouetting the image of a figure holding a dismembered head. Who is this? It echoes images of the Greek hero Perseus as victor over the Gorgon Medusa, or the nightmarish images of Goya's prints ("Great Feat! With Dead Men!" 1863, or "This is Worse," 1863). Through the silhouette, the unsaid quality in the work, the play on presence and absence is what is interesting here. That the image is inscribed in a material that holds industrial, impersonal references, seems to detract from the nightmarish subject matter, as if the filter of technological reproduction has left us with nothing but a blank shape devoid of real experience.

Heather's mask in leather, conjures thoughts of the gimp mask used in seedy sexual encounters. Further questions spring to mind. Is this the remains of some previous performance piece? Why does it resemble a bird's head? Here we see a disjunction in meaning, where the bondage mask, often used to reduce the individuality of its wearer to the status of sex toy, is met with the powerful emblem of the bird. Here one can see both dominance, and domination collide in the piece as a meditation on the social situations that plague our everyday lives. Both Heather Craig and Andrew MacDonald's pieces recall to mind John Singer Sargent's comment, "To work is to pray." One feels that the ritualistic quality of the prayer - the use of the Lords Prayer or prayer beads, where repetition and ritual blend - is present in the work.

Looking around the exhibition, we find a small painting on board by Leon Hill. Depicting a cube in an otherwise ambiguous vacant space, it seems to refer to the forms of minimalism. Radiating from the cube is an ambiguous force, calling to mind the evils of Pandora's box set to enslave all the world. The painting divulges the presence of the hand in the making of the piece, the industrial processes normally associated with is autonomous object are gone. Furthermore, the scale is small making the piece un-monumental in the extreme. It appears as a humble acknowledgement from the outside, of the power of great iconic art object.

Andrew presents the piece "NiceDay", conceivably a reference to the Optical work of Bridget Riley? These paintings rediscover the movement in the banality of office supplies, answering the question, "how is it possible to make abstract art in the 21st century?" Clearly these paintings are not abstract, but rather, observational as literal depictions of experience akin to David Batchelors discovery of monochrome paintings, documented on his travels around inner city London in "Found Monochromes". Furthermore, the optical effects present an uneasy feeling in the viewer, tying in with the overall feel of the works and context of the gallery.

The exhibition runs 27th Febuary-5th March at The Lyre & Anchor, 39 Niddry St Edinburgh. Open 2pm-6pm daily

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201

today is yesterdays tomorrow

today is yesterdays tomorrow
Cumbernauld Town Centre
February 27th – March 7h
Open each day for 9am – 5pm

Reception & Symposium
27th February – 2pm at Forth Walk #18-24

On the 18th of May 1967 H.R.H Princess Margaret officially opened Cumbernauld town centre. The town centre was to be seen as Britain's first indoor shopping mall. On nine different levels, the town centre was designed to house all civic offices, penthouse flats, retails shops, restaurants, cinema, health centre and free sheltered parking for all customers. Under the designer's eye of Geoffrey Copcutt, the daring megastructure architecture of Cumbernauld town centre was highly praised. Architects, designers, town planners and students of many disciplines visited Cumbernauld from around the globe to marvel at the town, for many years heralded as a utopian construction.

Cumbernauld town centre never reached its full potential and now, forty years later the new town of Cumbernauld has won many unflattering awards and has been crowned Britain's worst town. The town centre now finds itself deprived of quality shops and has numerous vacant shop units.

Artist Neville Rae, originally from Cumbernauld, has been working with the Art Space & Nature (ASN) students from Edinburgh College of Art to make work based on the geography, architecture, art and sociology of Cumbernauld. The programme ASN is configured to consider the interrelationships between various art and architecture disciplines to assert the values inherent in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Twelve postgraduate students will occupy numerous vacant shop units within phases one and two of Cumbernauld town centre. The students will show their outcomes from a dedicated five-week research and development period focused on Cumbernauld. The exhibitions will open on the 27th of February and the exhibition will last for one week. The work produced will range from architectural drawings, models, sculpture, installation, painting, video, audio, text and performance.

The title 'today is yesterdays tomorrow' is a reflection of the temporal development of Cumbernauld both in conception and reality. Surveying the past and potential future of human endeavors in this geography region, the exhibition highlights public practices and ecologies unique to Cumbernauld.

For the opening of this project, there will be a symposium gathered from artists, architects and historians who will come together and use Cumbernauld town centre as a starting point for discussion on the past, present and future of Cumbernauld. This free event will take place at 2pm in the Cumbernauld Town Centre at Forth Walk #18-24 (MacKays Shop)

This exciting project has the capacity to inspire a cultural renaissance for the Cumbernauld town centre and Cumbernauld as a whole. It will bring new life and meaning to the vacant shops within the town centre, attracting a new audience, greater footfall and positive publicity to the area and will offer an exciting and alternative option to vacant shop units.

For all enquiries, please contact Neville Rae / 07708504897 or HYPERLINK "" and leave your details. Your message will be returned asap

IASH "Theory in Practice" Seminar: 2 March

IASH "Theory in Practice" Seminar: 2 March

Tuesday 2 March at 4 p.m.
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, 2 Hope Park Square

Chris Fremantle (Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University) will
speak on:

"Health, Nature and Art: The Grove Project at NHS Greater Glasgow and
Clyde's New Stobhill Hospital"

Abstract: This paper sets out the Art & Architecture collaboration
resulting in the Grove project for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde's New
Stobhill Hospital. This project, based on a strong conceptual framework,
uses artworks as part of the construction of a environment where the
experience nature plays an important role in healthcare. The paper
discusses the practical aspects of this major new public art work and
looks at the theoretical ideas of the artists, architects and NHS Arts &
Health team. The author, as part of NHSGGC's Arts & Health team, has
worked closely with Thomas A Clark, lead artist-poet; Reiach & Hall
Architects; four other artists, and NHSGGC's Capital and Commissioning
Teams to deliver the project. The project was conceived and developed by
Thomas A Clark and Reiach & Hall over a 6 year period prior to
commissioning, and has been funded by Scottish Arts Council National
Lottery Public Art Fund, NHSGGC Endowments, NHSGGC Staff Lottery, as
well as a wide range of community groups. It forms one of a series of
Arts & Health developments as part of NHSGGC's Modernisation programme.

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
The University of Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 650 4671

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Manufacturing Culture Transcripts

The transcripts from the DCA Manufacturing Culture event held in March 2009 are now available on-line at

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Writing opportunity


Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201

Monday 22 February 2010

upcoming study day at Stills Gallery

Stills Study Day: Shadow Sisters: Women in the History of Photography

Friday, 26 February 2010, 1.30 - 6.00PM, FREE

23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh,

This study day will bring together four young art historians, based at the University of Glasgow, to discuss the risqué, macabre, surreal, and lyrical contributions that women have made to the history of photography, both before and behind the lens. Join Stills for this lively 'show and tell' session featuring rare and familiar images by Victorian Punch cartoonist Linley Sambourne and little-known Weimar Berliner Marta Astfalck-Vietz, as well as French Surrealist Claude Cahun and American prodigy Francesca Woodman.

Victorian Irvine             Pygmalion and the Image: Sex, Photography and Victorian Models
Katherine Tubb              Marta Astfalck-Vietz: Suicide in Spirits
Rachael Grew                "Under this mask another mask": Women, Photography and Surrealism
Catriona McAra               Francesca Woodman: The Femme-enfant Tears Through the Text


Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201 

Saturday 20 February 2010

Scottish Arts Council: News and Opportunities: 19 Febuary 2010

19 February 2010

Visual Arts News and Opportunities

Visual Arts Newsletter from the Scottish Arts Council


Calls for Works

News and Events




Aberdeen Visual Arts Awards Scheme 2010: Aberdeen City Council in partnership with the Scottish Arts Council

Application deadline: Sunday 28 February 2010

Awards up to £1500 are available to all visual artists who live or regularly produce work in Aberdeen (not in full-time study). The aim is to support the development of Aberdeen based visuals artists by awarding grants towards the creation of new work and to encourage artists to remain in the city to achieve a vision of Aberdeen becoming a 'vibrant, cosmopolitan and internationally acclaimed creative city'.

For more information, application form and a printed copy of the application pack, contact or call 0122 481 4627 or visit

Jobs & Other Opportunities

Pavement Art Prize: FRINGEMK

Registration: 15 February - 15 April 2010

This prize is being launched to promote contemporary street painting in the UK and to complement FRINGEMK's 2010 Street Painting Festival. The competition will focus on anamorphic (3D) drawings and optical illusions. 35 artists will be selected to showcase their work. There will be 10 small bursaries (£250 each) and a first prize of £1000. Terms and conditions and a registration form can be downloaded from <>

Project Coordinator: engage Scotland

Application deadline: Friday 5 March 2010

engage Scotland wishes to commission a freelance Project Coordinator with demonstrable knowledge and understanding of working with deaf and disabled people in the arts sector to manage an exciting new project across Scotland focussing on improving access to art galleries for deaf and disabled people. For more information and an application pack visit

Call for Visual Artist: Renfrew Health and Social Work Centre

Application deadline: Friday 5 March 2010

Icelandic Whooper Swan Project (late March - September 2010) funded by NHS GCC and Scottish Natural Heritage. This is an opportunity for visual artist to work with a team of staff, environmental workers and pupils to creatively interpret the habits of the Whooper swan and the river area and associated floodplain which provides essential food sources and a safe roost site. The project will encourage understanding about the threats and dangers to the swans; it will raise awareness of the fragile balance of the creatures and vegetation in the rivers and landscape in their area. Fee: £4,000 (materials & promotion budget: £6,700).

For more information, contact Dr Lindsay Blair at or call 0185 465 5215.

Call for Freelance Art and Design Project Managers

Submission deadline: Monday 22 February 2010

To meet the expanding workload, arts consultancy Ginkgo Projects invites registrations of interest from experienced public art projects managers used to developing and delivering innovative visual art and design projects for public buildings and spaces. Experience in the healthcare environment is desirable, but not essential. Ginkgo Projects are recruiting for project managers to undertake project based work on a freelance basis over the next 12 months. Email your CV to and for information about Ginkgo Projects see <>

SILVER: A Touring Exhibition of Fine Art Prints

Exhibition available to other venues from March 2010

An exhibition celebrating 25 years of printmaking by Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop, an artist run cooperative providing studio space for professional artists to edition fine art prints. The diversity of prints from vibrant screenprints and delicate collographs to monoprints and dramatic etchings showcases contemporary fine art printmaking at its best. A colourful, bold and stimulating exhibition of 57 artworks presenting the work of 22 artists. All prints are framed to a high standard and crated for ease of transport.

For further information about hiring this exhibition, contact Stephen Ratomski on 0138 372 4050 or email

Artist/Designer or Company for Public Realm Project: Aberdeenshire Council

Application deadline: Tuesday 23 February 2010

Opportunity to design the sculptural stone and feature paving within the central parking area to be included in the refurbishment of Oldmeldrum Town Centre. The artist is to have a role in linking the local community and the new development and will involve young people and community members in the consultation for the designs for the sites. Fee: £23000

For further information, visit and download the brief from the opportunities page or contact Sally Thomson or 0146 762 8397.

Aesthetica Short Film Competition

Applications deadline: Friday 30 April 2010

The competition provides an opportunity for upcoming filmmakers who are driving the genre of short film forward through inspirational and innovative works; to have their work broadcast to a wider audience and the winner will receive screenings of their film at a variety of UK film festivals as well as other great prizes. Films should be up to 20 minutes long.

To find out more visit

Education Coordinator: Peter Potter Gallery

Application deadline: Monday 1 March 2010

PPG ( <> ) is looking for an Education Officer to be responsible for devising and delivering community opportunities for engagement with the contemporary art exhibition programme. The post holder will be required to feed into the development of a Business Plan that endeavours to achieve the organisation's strategic aims, to contribute to the development of a new website, and to identify strategic partnership and funding opportunities for the education programme. Salary £17500 pro rata, 21 hours per week, duration 1 year.

For an application pack, email

Audience Development Coordinator: Peter Potter Gallery

Application deadline: Monday 1 March 2010

PPG is looking for an Audience Development Coordinator to be responsible for devising and delivering an Audience Development Strategy that ensures the long-term viability of the organisation. The post holder will be required to develop a Business Plan with the Artistic Director that endeavours to achieve the organisation's strategic aims, to contribute to the development of a new website, to identify strategic partnership and funding opportunities and to actively feed into a planned re-branding of the organisation. Salary: £18000 pro rata, 16 hours per week, duration 1 year.

For an application pack, email website <>

Volunteer Opportunities: Edinburgh International Science Festival

Application deadline: Friday 26 February 2010

Opportunities for Marketing interns, Press/PR volunteers, Production Assistants, Photographer and Digital Video volunteers, Front of House volunteers and Research/ Information volunteers (3-17 April 2010). You will have a chance to attend some events and shows and be invited to the Festival Wrap Party. This is a great opportunity to enhance your CV. Travel expenses within Edinburgh, lunch and refreshments expenses are covered. To download the full information pack, visit

For more information, contact Karen Veitch on or 0771 262 5106 or the Festival office on 0131 553 0320.

Volunteer Opportunities with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

Application deadline: Sunday 7 March 2010 for team leaders and NVA and 14 March 2010 for all other volunteers

GI is looking for enthusiastic, friendly and energetic volunteers to join the team in 2010. We are looking for Welcome Desk/ Invigilator Volunteers, SPIN Tour Assistants, Artist Liaison Volunteers, a Set-Up Assistant, Team Leaders, Photographers/ Viral Video Volunteers and volunteers for the NVA/ White Bikes Project. Opportunities run from 5 April to 3 May 2010.

For full details and an information pack, contact Karen Veitch on or 0141 287 6412.

More info.

For more information on visual arts opportunities visit the 'Visual Arts Notices' page on our website:

For more information on arts jobs in Scotland visit the 'Jobs' page on our website:

Stay informed! Sign up <> for Scottish Arts Council funding updates and ib our monthly e-newsletter

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Calls for Works

Open Submission - Residency programme 2010: David Dale Gallery

Submission deadline: Friday 2 April 2010 (for the May/June residency) and Friday 6 August 2010 (for the September/October residency)

There will be two residencies: one taking place in May, with an exhibition and artist's talk in June, and one taking place in September, with an exhibition and artist's talk in October. Each residency will give the artist or artists involved the chance to work for four weeks in the David Dale Gallery, a newly opened space in Bridgeton, Glasgow that is dedicated to supporting the professional development of recent graduates.

Submission forms are available at <> , and can either be e-mailed or posted to the gallery by the deadlines above

Call for Proposals 2010: New Works New Worlds

Submission deadline: Friday 12 March 2010

Proposals from artists of any discipline are welcomed for presentation at the 2010 festival at the Arches from 30 June - 3 July 2010. NWNW is particularly interested in artistic proposals that explore the connections between NWNW perceptions, dreams, experience and understanding of the world and wider global and political contexts.

Please detail in your proposal if there is a particular Arches space you would prefer to present your work in. Details of spaces in the Arches can be found at <> For further information, visit <> or email

Call for Proposals for exhibitions (May 2010 - April 2011): Intermedia

Application deadline: Friday 5 March 2010

Intermedia is a scheme run by Culture and Sport Glasgow in partnership with the CCA, which provides a gallery space independent of all other arts organisations in the city. Applications are received from a wide variety of individuals and groups, from which a programme of exhibitions is selected by a panel of artists/ arts professionals based on criteria of quality of work and creative development.

If you are interested in applying, email for an application form and details of how to apply.

Call for Submissions: PAR+RS

Application deadline: Monday 22 March 2010

Public Art Scotland seeks submissions for articles, reviews, photo-essays, or proposals for Blogs on the theme of Temporary Projects in Public Space. Articles and reviews should be in word format, less than 1500 words, and accompanied by JPG images of less than 1MB. Photo-essays should be between 10 and 20 JPG images, order clearly described, and less than 1MB each.

Email the Editor at if you have any questions or ideas you want to share, or visit for more information.

Calls for Works: As We Speak

As We Speak is a night dedicated to screening new experimental videos. The next screening is taking place on 28 April 2010, at one of the Glasgow International Festival venues; Stereo on Renfield Lane. They are currently accepting video submissions for inclusion in this event.

For submission details, contact or visit <>

Call for Works: an talla solais

Initial submission deadline: Friday 12 March 2010

All photographers, professional or amateur, experienced or novice, are invited to submit up to four photos for SHOOT 2010 - Open Photography Exhibition. There is no theme or preferred subject matter. There will be an evening opening on 4 June. The show will be open to the public from 5-27 June 2010. For full detail, email or call 0185 461 2310 or visit <>

Call for Submissions: Collective Gallery

Submission deadline: Tuesday 2 March 2010

Collective is looking for the next generation of Scotland's artists, writers and artist run projects to take part in this year's New Work Scotland Programme. Successful candidates will receive a £500 commissioning fee and the chance to undertake either a residency at Studio Voltaire, London or MAP, Glasgow. For more information on how to apply, visit

Call for Submissions: UK Young Artists 2010

The first UK Young Artists event will take place in the autumn of 2010. Artists who are selected to take part in this event could also be selected to represent the UK at the XV edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. Work should be new and can be from any art form including visual arts, performing arts, literature, applied arts, film and fashion. Artists must be between 18 and 30 and be a UK citizen or have been resident in the UK for at least one year.

To register your interest and be notified when the call goes live, visit

Open Call for Audio Visual Artwork

Application deadline: Friday 26 February 2010

This is an opportunity for artists who create audio visual artwork, in any form including installation, moving image, film and video, to exhibit as part of a group show, later this year. Specifications for entry is that the artwork must be influenced by or relate to the subject/theme of 'non-place'. Requirements: A CV along with a DVD of proposed work to be sent to 34 Cattlemarket, Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire, FK10 4EH.

For more information please contact Nicola Wilson at

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News and Events


The National Review of Live Art: Glasgow

17-21 March 2010, 11am on Wednesday 17 March

In this artist's talk and performance, Alastair Snow ( <> ) aims to complement works in the public realm, with steel and stewardship. He devised the Guerrilla Squad as a remarkable concept in concussed percussion which performed at the National Review of Live Art in London in 1987 and at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988. Day tickets from The Arches Box Office 0141 565 1000.

Venue: CCA Cinema, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

For more information, visit <>

Negativnights - Film Screenings: Edinburgh Printmakers

Thursdays 22, 29 April and 6, 13 May 2010, 7pm onwards, Free

A provocative series of underground and experimental artists' films and documentaries.

Venue: 23 Union Street

For more information, visit <> or contact Sarah-Manning Cordwell at or call 0131 557 2479.

Festivals, Biennials and Public Engagement Discussion: Glasgow International Festival and engage Scotland

Thursday 4 March 2010, 1- 5.15pm

A free afternoon event discussing the growth and opportunities of festivals and Biennials, how do artists, educators and local communities engage with and respond to the Festival or Biennial format? Places must be booked in advance as spaces are limited.

Venue: G-MAC, Trongate 103, Glasgow

Booking details are available from

Discussion Group: Contemporary Art Exchange

Tuesday 23 February 2010, 6.30- 7.30pm

Contemporary Art Exchange holds regular informal discussion about current trends and issues in contemporary art. This discussion's theme will be 'Artist Residencies' - what are they all about? Why are they perceived to be such an essential part of the artist's transition from emerging to professional? And what do we get out of them?

Venue: Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton Street

To register your interest and for more information, contact Kate at or via the website

Working with Schools: Engage Scotland

Thursday 25 March 2010, 10.45am - 4pm

This event features local and national perspectives on the theme of Working with Schools, with particular reference to the Curriculum for Excellence, drawing on recent gallery and visual arts projects. Sessions will include case studies from Scottish galleries, artists and teachers and a practical workshop exploring works in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art collection. It is an opportunity to hear about good practice and network with gallery education colleagues from across Scotland.

Venue: The Gymnasium, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Belford Road, Edinburgh

For details and to book, visit

Interchat - a dialogue on arts and communities with local and international perspectives: The Drum, Birmingham

Wednesday 7 April 2010, 2-8pm

Artist-led sessions to explore good practice in community engagement projects, with local and international examples from Birmingham, Bulgaria, Crete and Poland, aimed at artists and practitioners wishing to develop their community practice with an international perspective.

Thursday 8 April 2010, 10am - 4pm

A dialogue exploring European approaches to artistic practices that invite social engagement, followed by case studies and interactive sessions led by Birmingham arts organisations.

Further information and booking, visit

Launch Meeting of New Group: Ladybank Tavern, Fife

Tuesday 23 February 2010, 7-8pm

'One67 - Off the rails', a new group being set up to convert two rooms at Ladybank Station into a local centre for art and craft courses and workshops, will have its launch meeting in the Ladybank Tavern. If you are interested in getting involved, please turn up.

Don't Ask for the Mona Lisa: Exhibitions Collaborations between Academics and Art Galleries: AAH Museums and Exhibitions Workshop

Thursday 18 March 2009, £30 for non-members, £18 for AAH members

The seminar will focus in the morning on three collaborative papers, where curators and academics will reflect on their experience of working together on exhibitions. The day will conclude with a round table discussion, with curators, academics and representatives of the key funding councils participating. Registration will begin at 10.30am and the day will conclude at 4pm, and there is space for an audience of 40.

For full details and to book places, see

Events at Deveron Arts:

lll Fated Fête: A Risk Assessed Event: 19-20 March 2010

A two day event including exhibitions, discussions, lectures and performances led by David Sherry exploring the facts, myths and story telling of our risk conscious society.

21 Days in the Cairngorms: 17-18 April 2010

A walking festival with Hamish Fulton including domesticated and wild walks, discussions, exhibitions and other events.

Venue: Brander Building, The Square, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 8BR

For more information, visit <> or contact

Study Day: Shadow Sisters: Women in the History of Photography: Stills

Friday 26 February 2010, 1.30- 6pm, Free

Four young art historians, based at the University of Glasgow, discuss the risqué, macabre, surreal, and lyrical contributions that women have made to the history of photography, both before and behind the lens.

Venue: 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

Workshops and Courses

Cultural Enterprise Office Upcoming workshops:

Professional development programmes across Scotland for those working in the creative and cultural industries.

The Next Step: Keeping your Creative Business on Track, Edinburgh: Tuesday 30 March 2010, 1- 5.15pm; Glasgow: Monday 8 March 2010, 1- 5.15pm

Starting Out, Glasgow: Tuesday 2 March 2010, 1- 5.15pm

Market Day, Glasgow: Tuesday 16 March 2010, 10am - 5pm

Full details about CEO events visit <> . For location or to reserve a place email or call 0844 544 9990.

Residential Ceramic Shell 'lost wax' Bronze Casting course: A4A Art for Architecture

Ongoing throughout 2010, £650/person, max 2 persons per course

The usually last 5 days but it can be tailored to suit each person's learning target, working in the studio with a professional public artist. Each participant has the opportunity to cast a small piece of their own work in bronze to take home, all materials are included in the course fee. To apply, call John on 0165 533 2215 or email putting "bronze casting course" in the subject line.

Venue: High McGowanston Studio, Tumberry, Girvan, Ayrshire KA26 9JT

For more information, visit <>

Art Course Programme 2010: Coburg House Art Studios

Drawing Class: 27-28 February

Jewellery using Recycled Materials: 6 March

Making and Using Collage: 20-21 March

Introduction to Mosaic: 27-28 March

Venue: 15 Coburg Street, Leith

A full programme and details are available at <>

Courses at Stills:

Sound Recording & Editing for Artists & Filmmakers

Weekend: 27-28 February

Digital SLR Camera Training

Weekend: 13-14 March

Portrait Photography

Saturday 27 March

3D Video Game Design (Blender)

Tuesdays: 23 March - 13 April

Venue: 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

For a full list of courses, prices and more information visit <> or email or call 0131 622 6200.

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REVEAL: Edinburgh Printmakers

20 March - 8 May 2010, (Tuesday to Saturday) 10am - 6pm, Free

An eclectic group exhibition of over 20 artists that showcases some of the best printmaking talent, emerging from the Scottish art colleges over the last 2 years.

Venue: Galleries 2 & 3, 23 Union Street

For more information, visit <> or contact Sarah-Manning Cordwell at or call 0131 557 2479.

STHLM "go away to come home": ZEDART Edinburgh

Until 28 February 2010 (Mon-Fri 10am - 5.30pm, Sat 10.30am - 5pm)

Photography exhibition by Jannica Honey, inviting the observer into the more private domain of her family, rough becomes delicate and old becomes unexplored. This time around, seeing the sunsets over Old Town with admiration and her father's tattoo with fascination, a new story started to unfold.

Venue: 75-79 Cumberland Street

For more information visit <> or email

Diverse Perceptions (Bridge House Art Portfolio Show): an talla solais
21 - 28 February 2010, 2- 5pm daily, Free

Exciting work from eleven new artists: painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles and ceramics, from delicate botanical drawings to boldly composed portraits, from an installation about the experience of plastic surgery to beautifully crafted architectural pieces, the show offers eleven very different perspectives on the world.

Venue: Ullapool Visual Arts, next to the Village Hall on Market Street, Ullapool IV26 2XE
For more information, visit <>

First Show: The Old Pipe Factory

Preview: Saturday 27 February 2010, 2- 5pm

An exhibition of new work from a group of Glasgow based artists includes painting, photography, film, video, sculpture and performance and is situated in a former clay pipe factory in the Baras Market. The show runs from 27 February - 7 March 2010.

For more information, contact Florrie James on 0776 915 3386 or email

A walk along the Fontanka: Scotland Russia Forum

13 March - 4 April 2010, Tuesday - Friday 11am- 4pm, Saturday 1.30- 4pm

A walk along the Fontanka is an exhibition of new and recent work by Shelagh Atkinson. The artist explores through different disciplines the city of St. Petersburg. She works through found objects, screenprints and drawing representing an elemental look at the city they call the Venice of the North.

Venue: 9 South College Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA

For more information, contact Jenny Carr on 0131 668 3635 or email or visit

Storylines: Patriothall Gallery
20 February - 2 March 2010, Tuesday to Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Storylines is an exhibition of new and recent work by Daniela Justiniano, Gerry Smith and Thomas Tripet. The three artists explore through different disciplines their relationship with the "line" and find their particular way to reflect or tell a story about it. Through drawings, animation, texts and a site-specific installation, they present a diverse range of approaches to this essential element at the time of creation.

Venue: 10 Patriothalll Off Hamilton Place, Stockbridge

For more information contact 0131 226 7126 or visit or email

Japanese Sashiko Textiles: Collins Gallery

27 February - 10 April 2010 (closed 2-5 April)

Sashiko is a technique similar to quilting characterised by geometric patterns stitched in white on indigo coloured cloth. The motifs used indicate where the garment came from as well as the occupation and social status of the wearer. The exhibition focuses on the lives of the makers, working-class women from fishing and farming communities, through items dating from the mid 19th century.

Venue: 22 Richmond Street, Glasgow

For more information call on 0141 548 2558 or email or visit <>

MY BLACK HOLE: Washington Gracia
Until 12 March 2010
A collaborative work by Erica Eyres and Michelle Hannah, exposing the language of self-help literature as meaningless jargon, through astute use of repetition and precise comedic timing. The new photographic series further depicts both artists in-character as they masquerade in the ambiguity of hyper-stylized cult recruitment propaganda.
Venue: Arch 24 (Unit 13), Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG
For more information, email or visit <>

Hinges Between Days: Stills

Until 14 March 2010, daily 11am- 6pm
For her first UK solo exhibition, Elín Jakobsdóttir presents a sequence of objects, photographs and films which imbue everyday sights and experiences with the inscrutable logic of the subconscious.

Venue: 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

For more information and full listing of the exhibition events programme visit: <> or email or call 0131 622 6200.

Lizzie Farey: The first show of 2010 at Left Bank

Preview: Friday 26 February 2010, 6 -8pm
Lizzie Farey has a fascination with living things and natural form. Willow has become a medium for deeply a personal interaction with nature. Her work ranges form traditional to organic sculptural forms. This exhibition will feature Farey's wall mounted, finely drawn, willow sculptures. Show runs 27 February - 27 March 2010.
For more information please contact Sera James Irvine on 0133 988 1603 or visit or email

Radical Nature - Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009: Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

Until 17 April 2010, 11am - 5pm, Free

Radical Nature draws on ideas that have emerged out of land art exploring the role of the environment in architecture and art. Launched at the Barbican Art Gallery in London in June 2009, it is the first major exhibition to trace the post war history of artists' engagement with ecology and environmentalism.

Venues: Dick Institute, Kilmarnock (Tues - Sat), Baird Institute, Cumnock (Thurs - Sat), Doon Valley Museum, Dalmellington (Thurs - Sat)

For more information on exhibition programme and events phone 0156 355 4902 or visit <>

THE THRILL OF IT ALL: Ingleby Gallery

24 February - 10 April 2010, 10am - 6pm

Any exhibition of work by Peter Liversidge can reliably be predicted to present the unpredictable. Liversidge makes work in almost every conceivable medium including painting & drawing, photography, performance and sculpture all play their part. The tone of his work shifts from the playful to the poignant but is always underpinned by a generosity that unifies and characterises his distinct and varied approach.

Venue: 15 Calton Road

For opening time and more information contact the gallery on 0131 556 4441 or visit <>

Moving Images from the Attic Archive: Cooper Gallery

Preview: Friday 19 March 2010, 6-8pm

An exhibition of video edits from an independent artists archive which began collecting in 1976, in Dundee, including collaborations with Stewart Home, Karen Strang and tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, running from 20 March -17 April.

Venue: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, 13 Perth Road, Dundee

For more information, call on 0138 238 5330 or email or visit <>

Close-By: Auld Kirk Museum, Kirkintilloch

Until 13 March 2010, Free (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-1pm & 2-5pm)

Graham Lister showcases the results of a solo project, investigating and exploring 'everyday', run-of-the-mill scenes, to produce records and interpretations of spaces, places and people from areas just north of Glasgow city centre.

To see more on his work, visit or <> (search: Lister).

Myscape: A journey into the autistic architectural landscape: Project Ability Gallery and Collins Gallery

Until 20 February 2010

17 artists with autism spectrum conditions and Asperger syndrome have been invited to contribute works exploring their relationships with architectural landscape, real or imaginary.

Venue: Project Ability's gallery at Trongate 103 and Collins Gallery at Strathclyde University.
For more information on exhibition dates, time and venue, visit <> or email or call 0141 552 2822. Alternatively, contact the Collins Gallery at <> or email or call 0141 548 2558.

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