Tuesday 30 November 2010

Learning Machines. Art Education and Alternative Production of Knowledge

November 29, 2010 Art and Education
NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Learning Machines. Art Education and Alternative Production of Knowledge

Project on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of NABA

"Learning Machines. Discourses"
10 â€" 11 December 2010

"Learning Machines. Figures"
10 December, 2010- 14 January, 2011 (opening 10 December 6 pm.)

Temporary Library:
"Reading Machine"
10 December, 2010- 14 January, 2011

Launch of the publication:
"The Manual. An Academy in 100 words"
10 December, 2010

NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Via C. Darwin, 20 â€" 20143, Milan
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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) â€" the first private art Academy in Italy founded by artists in order to oppose the rigid structure of the official Academy, organizes and hosts an international project "Learning Machines. Art Education and alternative production of knowledge". Through a vast number of initiatives this event will not just articulate the past and future of NABA, but will also stem to provide a profound reflection, and open up a discussion on the relationship between art and education, between institutional and non-institutional practices.

What possible relationship is there between art and education during the crisis of modern(ist) and, more in general, Enlightenment apprentice models? If modernist ideology has vilified pedagogy in its relationship with the practice of art, as an impoverishment of art itself, what has become of this relationship, now that the modernist cognitive model has become a thing of the past? What makes this relationship necessary and feasible today? What learning policies can still be adopted? What can we learn from the history of education as applied to that of art? What are the areas they have in common and where can spaces for experimenting new teaching models be found after the Bologna agreement?

The project "Learning Machines. Art Education and alternative production of knowledge" intends to become a meeting point and confrontation platform in order to discuss these and other urgent issues that regard artistic education on a global scale. The title "Learning Machines", derives from Fluxus movement and in particular from a series of works by George Maciunas.

LEARNING MACHINES. DISCOURSES" is an international symposium and a working meeting that aims to address and discuss the present and future scenarios of the art, design and media education. The transdisciplinary seminar will bring together leading international artists, designers, theorists like: Graeme Arendse, Koen Brams, Andrea Branzi, Dante Donegani, Clementine Deliss, Anselm Franke, Pascal Gielen, Joseph Grima, Alessandro Guerriero, Nikolaus Hirsch, Jakob Jakobsen, John Palmesino, Gianni Pettena, Gerald Raunig, Tim Rollins, Italo Rota, Florian Schneider, Pelin Tan, Gediminas Urbonas, Françoise Vergès and Eyal Weizman.

The exhibition project "LEARNING MACHINES. FIGURES" will focus on the subject of artistic education. Through a specially created display it will trace a chronology of experimental educational practices from the last century until now, giving an extensive overview on the various spatial and pedagogical models used and reflecting upon the idea of the community of scholars. Works by: 16th Beaver Group, Atelier Populaire, Roy Ascott, Black Mountain College, Bauhaus Schule, Erick Beltràn, Joseph Beuys, R. Buckminster Fuller, Chimurenga, Chto Delat?, Contrafilè, Copehhagen Free University, Critical Art Ensemble, Giancarlo de Carlo, Guy Debord, Paola Di Bello, Aldo van Eyck, Charles & Ray Eames, Harun Farocki, Luca Frei, Future Academy, Dmitry Gutov (KMSEL), Group ABS, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Ganahl, Huit Facettes, Isidore Isou, Francesco Jodice, Maxim Karakulov, Maurice Lemaître, Chris Marker, George Maciunas, Ulrike Meinhof, Jonas Mekas, D.A. Pennebaker, Cedric Price, P aoula Roush, Radek Community, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Alison &Peter Smithson, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Frederick Wiseman, Eyal Sivan, Jean-Marie Straub and Daniéle Huillet, Basil Wright, Darcy Lange, Jean Vigo, Stephen Willats.

Temporary Library â€" Reading Room. READING MACHINE is a project by designer Alessandro Guerriero in which a wide selection of publications, catalogues, videos will be available to the public, representing the works of artists and designers that have collaborated with or influenced the philosophy of NABA from 1980 till today.

A publication "THE MANUAL. AN ACADEMY IN 100 WORDS" will collect 100 words selected and drafted by teachers and visiting professors of NABA who, over the last thirty years, have contributed to the introduction of an alternative to the classical Academic model within the Italian realm.

The project is curated by Marco Scotini in collaboration with Alessandro Guerriero

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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Alex Pollard 'Collaborations' Preview 12th November 2010 7-9pm

Sorcha Dallas
Alex Pollard


Friday 12th November 2010, 7pm - 9pm

18th December 2010

Alex Pollard, 1996, 2010, oil, synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen on canvas, 243.5 x 182.5 cm

Sorcha Dallas is pleased to announce the second solo show in the gallery by Alex Pollard. Born in Brighton in 1977, Alex Pollard graduated with a BA in Painting from Glasgow School of Art in 1999 before serving on Glasgow's Transmission Gallery committee between 2000–2002. Group exhibitions include the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Luhring Augustine, New York; The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekshill, USA and the Scottish Pavillion at the Venice Biennale in 2005. In 2006 Pollard had solo shows at The Reliance, London and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, which was followed by a solo at the Talbot Rice Gallery in 2007 and the solo exhibition 'Tea-Leaf Demeanour' at the Whitechapel Project Space, London. In 2010 he had a two person exhibition with Clare Stephenson, 'Four Fatrasies' at The Pumphouse, London, they had previously shown together in 'The Dirty Hands' at the CCA, Glasgow in 2009. Pollard lives and works in Glasgow.

'Collaborations' brings together a series of new paintings, ready-mades and assisted ready-mades.

The brief 'Romo' movement in the 1990's was a short- lived moment in British pop. Bands such as Dex Dexter, Plastic Fantastic, Hollywood and Orlando looked back to the 1980's new wave for musical inspiration and styling at a time dominated by white hetero lad pop. The bands involved never really took off despite being heavily promoted by the Melody Maker magazine, mainly because of their association with the New Romantics who had only just been toppled as the then dominant stylistic trend.

The appropriation of this pop movement as a research area within the work is a calculated use of marginalised yet somewhat embarrassing cultural material strategically used at the wrong time. The mixed signals that Romo sends out (80's styling used during the 90's) are used to question current systems of cultural reception and consumption.

Through a playful re-staging of a 1980's Warhol/Basquiat/Sprouse aesthetic, Pollard riffs with daubed motifs and coolly selected silkscreen imagery, playing the roles of both Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. The chosen motifs reference identity politics, modes of retail distribution and past works from Pollard's oeuvre, reconfigured within a dubious framework of self-representation.

Sorcha Dallas
5-9 St Margaret's Place
Glasgow G1 5JY
United Kingdom

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Thursday 4 November 2010

This Saturday! The History of Financial Crises - Market Gallery, Glasgow

The History of Financial Crises

The History of Financial Crises
Ellie Harrison

7th - 28th November 2010

For this solo show in Market Gallery's new space I'm exhibiting two installations including The History of Financial Crises, in which the turbulent history of capitalism over the last century is re-enacted each day by a row of popcorn making machines.

OPENING: Saturday 6th November, 19:00 - 21:00
ARTIST'S TALK: Saturday 6th November, 19:30
OPEN: Thursday - Sunday, 11:00 - 17:00

Market Gallery
334 Duke Street
G31 1QZ

Art and the Economy
Forum Event

Saturday 6th November 2010

This FREE day-long event marks Market Gallery's 10th anniversary and aims to explore the relationship between art and the economy. It features presentations and discussion from Francis McKee, Mark Fisher, Mark Robinson, Peter McCaughey and Ellie Harrison.

2nd Floor
Barras Bargains
London Road / Bain Street
G40 2ST

RSVP to: market@marketgallery.org.uk

Market Gallery

Fireworks Display

Ellie Harrison's
Fireworks Display!

Just in time for Guy Fawkes Night this Friday 5th November, I've finally got round to uploading a video clip of the Fireworks Display performance I staged earlier in the year at the Glue Factory, Glasgow.

As the sister work to The History of Financial Crises, this performance spectacle is a one-woman attempt to re-enact a chronology of 'the history of revolution' over the course of the last 360 years via the medium of pyrotechnics.

More information >
Video documentation >

Digital Media Labs

Digital Media Labs

Stuart Childs, Ross Dalziel, Michael Day, Ellie Harrison, Bob Levene, Victoria Lucas, Lawrence Molloy, John O'Shea, David Priestman and Eleanor Weir.

A group exhibition of touch screen artworks and experiments created during the Digital Media Labs residency at Hull School of Art & Design from 24th - 30th October 2010, including my piece Scratch Cards and How clean is your mouse? made in collaboration with Bob Levene.

OPENING: Thursday 4th November, 16:00 - 19:00
OPEN: Friday 5th November, 11:00 - 17:00

11 Humber Street


Digital Media Labs

Ingleby Gallery Events





16 November at 7pm
free, no booking required


James Hugonin - 
closes 20 November

Combine a last chance to see James Hugonin's exhibition with a concert by Peter Gregson. Described by The New Yorker as 'at the forefront of the new music scene' Gregson will be playing a programme of music in response to the show, including works by Morton Feldman, Steve Reich and Ligeti.


James Hugonin -  2 October - 20 November 2010
Installation view in Gallery I, Ingleby Gallery


Artists Talk

24 November at 7pm
free, no booking required

Susan Derges will be in conversation with Garry Fabian Miller


A Little Bit of Magic Realised 

25 November 2010 - 29 January 2011

A Little Bit of Magic Realised, opening on 24th November, examines the work of Susan Derges and Garry Fabian Miller and places their work alongside early photographic experiments from the nineteenth century.  The title comes from William Henry Fox Talbot's description of the invention of photography.

To complement the phenomenally successful Shadow Catchers show (an in depth look at the work of five camera-less photographers, including Derges and Miller) at the Victoria and Albert museum,  A Little Bit of Magic Realised shows new work by them both alongside treasures from their archives, which will be juxtaposed with early historical photographic works by Anna Atkins and William Henry Fox Talbot.  
'These are images of breathtaking directness and naked truth.  Taking an analogy from music, this is "photography unplugged".'
Mark Haworth Booth, formerly senior curator of photographs at the V&A

Garry Fabian Miller - Cow Parsley (Swaledale)  1987
Susan Derges - Bluebell (Flower) No. 1, 2000

"We are a small group of people against a tidal wave of photography defined by a camera.  Twenty-five years ago I realised the camera was an obstacle in my own work.  I didn't want to take photos of the physical world anymore.  I wanted to make physical the things I sensed around me.  It is possible for photography to exist in the same way as musical composition – not depending on the physical world"
Garry Fabian Miller

'I'd been working with a camera in the studio, doing a lot of staged photography, when I started to look at things outside.  I remember one of the first things that triggered a print was seeing a still pond with a cluster of newly-laid frogspawn.  The sun was passing through the spawn and it was printing this image on to the bottom of the pond.  And I just thought, 'wow, that's a print, it's a sun print.'
Susan Derges

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Up-coming lecture at the National Galleries - November 2010

  Up-Coming Lectures & Study Days - National Galleries of Scotland
Highlights - November 2010
Thu 18 November, 1.30-7.30pm (registration 1.30-2pm; private view and wine reception at The Queen's Gallery, 6-7.30pm). £20 (£15). Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
The Golden Age of Dutch Landscape Painting
An afternoon study day exploring Dutch landscapes from the National Galleries of Scotland and the Royal Collection, including a focus on works by Ruisdael, Cuyp and Hobbema. Speakers include Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Surveyor of The Queen's Pictures, Tico Seifert, Senior Curator at the National Gallery and Peter Black, Curator of Dutch and Flemish Art at the Hunterian Art Gallery. Following an afternoon of talks, participants are invited to a private view of Dutch Landscapes at The Queen's Gallery from 6-7.30pm.
Thu 11 November, 6-7.15pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
The Watson Gordon Lecture - The Hardest Kind of Archetype: Reflections on Roy Lichtenstein by Hal Foster
This year's Watson Gordon lecture welcomes Hal Foster, Townsend Martin Professor of Art at Princeton University Taking In the Car (1963) as a key point of reference, the talk will focus on the play with cliche in his work at large - on the one hand, as a site of critique of the hardening of signs in capitalist culture, on the other, as a site where such signs might be opened up and/or animated again.
Tue 16 November, 6-7.15pm. £6 (£4); Special offer for Students 2-for-1 tickets (concession ticket). Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
An Introduction to the Art of Gilbert & George - Michael Bracewell
Michael Bracewell, writer, novelist and cultural commentator, has written several catalogue texts and other essays on the art of Gilbert & George, including contributions to the publications for their Venice Biennale 'Ginkgo Pictures' exhibition in 2005 and their Major Exhibition at Tate Modern. He has recently written the texts for the forthcoming catalogue raisonne of The Postcard Art of Gilbert & George, 1972-2009. In this special evening lecture, he will be offering an introduction the art and ideas of the artists.
Tue 23 November, 6-7.30pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
On Form and Fiction - Steven Campbell's Art in Context
Duncan Macmillan, art historian and critic, delivers the second Steven Campbell Lecture supported by the Steven Campbell Trust and the National Galleries of Scotland.
Mon 8 November, 12.45-1.30pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
Surrealism: Anger and Revolt - Silvano Levy
Silvano Levy explores the anger felt by the Dadaists in response to the First World War and explains how these intellectual rebels scandalized respectable society. The mockery and tomfoolery of Dada is then shown to evolve into the surrealist revolution of the mind, which drew its inspiration from Freud's Interpretation of Dreams. The wild dreams and obsessions of Dalí, Magritte, Delvaux, Miró and Masson are contrasted with the taunts and insolence of Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia.
Tue 9 November, 12.45-1.30pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
The Primacy of Drawing - Deanna Petherbridge
Artist and writer Deanna Petherbridge will introduce some of the ideas central to her book, The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice, published this year by Yale University Press. Intended as much for artists, art students as devotees of drawing, this book examines the role of drawing in contemporary as well as historical practices. She examines the 'economy' of drawing, that is, its materials and techniques and qualities of line and mark and analyses strategies of making, composing, inventing and investigating and critiquing ideas through revealing juxtapositions of historical and contemporary images. A book signing follows the talk.
Mon 29 November, 12.45-1.30pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
The Body in Question: Surrealist Anatomies - Elizabeth Cowling
In their quest to explore fearlessly what their leader André Breton called the 'forbidden zone' of the human psyche, Surrealist artists sought entirely new ways of representing the human body and thus giving visual form to unleashed human desire. Fantastic anatomies were invented and commonplace objects were endowed with transformative symbolic meaning. Focusing on works included in Another World, art historian Elizabeth Cowling examines these aspects of the Surrealist 'revolution'.
Tue 30 November, 12.45-1.30pm. Free. Hawthornden Lecture Theatre, National Gallery Complex
On the Thirteenth Stroke of Noon - Professor Michel Remy
British Surrealism has arguably not received the attention that it deserves, even in Britain. Yet it not only produced an astonishing quantity of poems, sculptures and paintings, but was also on a par with the international movement. Professor Michel Remy, University of Nice, France, assesses its main tenets in the field of aesthetics as well as politics.
Where a ticket price is stated, please call the Information Desk on 0131 624 6560 with debit/credit card details.
For further information, visit www.nationalgalleries.org
Helen Monaghan
Talks & Events Programmer
Education Department
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Baden Powell House
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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Hints to Workmen

Northern Gallery for
Contemporary Art.
Is pleased to invite you to the Preview of:
Main Gallery
'Hints to Workmen'
Preview Date: Thursday 4 November 6:00 - 8:00pm
Exhibition Dates: 5 November 2010 – 5 February 2011
International artists suggest forms of direct action to help create a better world.
Project Space
'Unrealised Potential'
Preview Date: Thursday 4 November 6:00 - 8:00pm

Exhibition dates: 5 November 2010 - 15 January 2011

Unrealised Potential explores the creative potential of collaboration. Artists mike Chavez-Dawson, Sam Ely and Lynn Harris have amassed unrealised ideas from over 70 leading artists. The rights to interpret and realise an idea in the exhibition are available for only £50.
Originating exhibition curated by Mike Chavez-Dawson. Produced by Cornerhouse, Manchester. Read through the proposals and make a purchase at www.unrealisedprojects.org/volume-6/about

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Myths and legends: from the Ancient to the Modern & Edinburgh Printmakers¹ Open Day

Myths and legends: from the Ancient to the Modern
13 November to 23 December 2010
Stories based on myths and legends conjure up a rich source of visual imagery and have served as an inspiration to artists throughout history.  Mythologies reflect the culture they serve, offering an explanation of the world.
Inspired by Scotland’s own rich heritage of stories, Edinburgh Printmakers presents an exhibition of artwork by artist members that explore the world of myth and legend, the dark and the light, the good and the evil, from supernatural to super fantastical, a feast of imagination awaits you.
This is our largest annual members’ exhibition where we will be celebrate the festive season with a showcase of some of Scotland’s best printmaking talent.
Choose from an unprecedented selection of contemporary, original, fine art prints, hand-made on site in the studio at Edinburgh Printmakers, and take them home the same day.
If you are searching for a unique gift for that special person, then look no further. Prices start at around £30!
Edinburgh Printmakers’ Open Day
Saturday 13th November 11am-5pm
A fun packed day filled with hands-on events:

-            printmaking workshops for kids & adults
-            printmaking demonstrations
-            studio tours
-            artists talks
-            frame sale
-            Myths & legends exhibition
-            limited edition prints for sale

Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street
EH1 3LR  Telephone: 0044 131 557 2479

Sarah-Manning Cordwell
Head of Sales and Development

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Nuno Sacramento, SSW Director at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops

Artachat presents a discussion between Nuno Sacramento (Director, Scottish Sculpture Workshops) and Dan Brown (Programme Manager, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops).

Monday 8th November
@ Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops
25 Hawthornvale

At a time when SSW and ESW are about to embark on new buildings or have just renovated their quarters, this Artachat session will begin an exploration into both the structure and the philosophy behind these new buildings*.

What is the need for shared sculpture studios in Scotland?  How do these buildings sit in the landscape of contemporary art?  How does the geographical context of each of these buildings affect the activity that takes place inside?

Please note space for this event is limited, to reserve a place please email roccagutteridge@yahoo.co.uk

          * For further information on this Concept please see the text Radical Continuum by Nuno Sacramento.  SSW 2010.
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Monday 1 November 2010

Duvet Brothers live and installation

> ----
> Adam Lockhart
> Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
> Visual Research Centre | University of Dundee | DCA | 152 Nethergate | Dundee DD1 4DY | UK
> Office: +44(0)1382 388272
> Studio: +44(0) 1382 385835
> The University of Dundee is a Scottish Registered Charity, No. SC015096
> PERFORMANCE/// 5 November, 8 - 9pm
> The performance is free but tickets are required - these can be obtained from DCA box office 01382 909900.
> EXHIBITION/// 6 19 November, Tue - Fri 12 4pm, Sat - Sun 12.30pm 5.30pm
> The Duvet Brothers reform to perform their iconic 1986 Live Multi-Screen Scratch Show.
> 80's Scratch Video makers the Duvet Brothers have been invited to re-perform a seminal 18 screen, three channel, multiscreen show at the Visual Research Centre.
> The Duvet Brothers AKA Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean were pioneering Scratch Video artists who produced pioneering music, pop videos, commercials, and TV title sequences as well as becoming known for their riotous live performances.
> Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean will perform the show originally presented at the Limelight Club in Soho on 30 Sept 1986. This will be the first time the influential 80's video artists have performed together since 1988. They will deliver the mix live just as they did in the 80's using VHS tape.
> The 18 screen array will run for the following two weeks, until 19 November, as a gallery installation. The show coincides with the current DCA Discovery Exhibition: The Long Commute / Arcade by George Barber and Jaygo Bloom. George Barber was a contemporary of the Duvet Brothers.
> Centrespace, Visual Research Centre, DCA, 152 Nethergate, Dundee.
> http://www.exhibitions.dundee.ac.uk/programmes_current.html <http://www.exhibitions.dundee.ac.uk/programmes_current.html>
> http://www.vrc.dundee.ac.uk/Home.html

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ARTocracy publication out now

deveron arts
the town is the venue                                                                                       huntly ab54 8br | tel 01466-794494

Publication out now
Claudia Zeiske and Nuno Sacramento

Purchase your copy at
(cheaper than Amazon)

For more details see below
or contact Deveron Arts 01466 794494

ARTocracy, authored by Claudia Zeiske and Nuno Sacramento, provides insight into the organisation of collaborative projects through hands-on practice and applied examples. It provides practical guidance - from the definition of each theme to the selection of artists, as well as key strategies for funding, marketing, education, and artistic output - paying tribute to the precarious balance between artistic quality and social consequence.

The book features a foreword by Paul Shepheard and essays by Lucy Lippard and Nina Möntmann. It is now available from our online shop.

"Art keeps its inner workings secrets, like a guarded craft…until now. Artocracy shares a committed way of working—it's brave to put it out there, and also generous. The methodology at the heart of this handbook, with diagrams that will prove important guides, is also a demonstration of the coming of age of public practices that are open and in which learning is always part of the process. And Artocracy does more: it proposes art as one component among many in the makeup of a place, but a constant one, for without it, something vital is missing." Mary Jane Jacob

For more information check: www.deveron-arts.com or contact info@deveron-arts.com / 01466 794494

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