Sunday 30 March 2008

New artists' studio complex opens in Edinburgh

art's complex

art's complex is a charitable organisation based in Edinburgh. Our
main aim is to redress the imbalance between the large number of
artists seeking affordable studio space in the city and the severe
lack of appropriate space available. art's complex has therefore been
searching for any unused spaces in the city that can be utilised for
this purpose.

The mid to long term objective of art's complex is to accumulate
funds to enable the arts industry in Edinburgh to reach out
specifically to the surrounding local community through arts
education and participatory projects; and more generally to the
international arts sector to bring nationally and internationally
renowned artists to Edinburgh to enrich the cultural diversity of the

saint margaret's house

Earlier this week [17 March 2008], art's complex managed to secure a
property in Edinburgh which lends itself to the easy conversion to
art studios: St Margaret's House on London Road.

Being less than forty years old, St. Margaret's House was built in
the 1970's as a set of open plan offices. The building is
structurally sound and well maintained with an abundance of good
natural light. St. Margaret's has spectacular views from the top
floors. The North facing elevation affords a panoramic view of the
whole of Leith, the Firth of Forth and Fife, while the view from the
southern elevation is dominated by Arthur's Seat.

From the outset, art's complex has the capacity to accommodate up to
200 individual studios with an accompanying 11 000 square feet
gallery/event space. An exciting programme of exhibitions and events
is planned to fully utilise this expansive gallery. With the
occupation of Saint Margaret's House, art's complex has the potential
to become the biggest collection of artists in one site in the whole
of Scotland. art's complex is pleased to announce that it has secured
entry to Saint Margaret's House and will be operational from the
beginning of April 2008. <>

To get more information about art's complex email: <>

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Tuesday 4 March 2008

Art e-bulletin no. 45

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Welcome to criticalnetwork e-bulletin no. 45. Here are this week's events, exhibitions, opportunities and information about artists' projects recommended by criticalnetwork.

Supporting critical art in the UK and Ireland:
criticalnetwork is a not-for-profit organisation run voluntarily by a collective of UK-based artists. Click here to find out about contributing to the future development of criticalnetwork
And Now China
And Now China? Special Issue of Ctrl+P Journal
Exhibition and Launch event of this special edition in anticipation of China Now, Britain's 'largest festival of Chinese arts'.
Where: Chelsea FutureSpace, London SW1W
When: Tue 11 Mar 2008
Framing the Other: 30 Years After Orientalism
Framing the Other: 30 Years After Orientalism
A 2 day conference examining elements of past and present East/West relations, including colonialism, boundaries and the construction of the 'other'.
Where: The Courtauld Institute, London WC2R
When: Sat 26 Apr 2008
How to Make Europe Dream? - A Cultural Congress
How to Make Europe Dream? - A Cultural Congress
Writers, artists, anthropologists and economists discuss the future of the arts in Europe in a series of free lectures, debates and art events.
Where: Chelsea College of Art and Design, London SW1P
When: Sat 15 and Sun 16 Mar 2008
Kirsten Norrie - 7,013g
Kirsten Norrie - 7,013g
Seven acts, seven nights. A solo exhibition of new live work.
Where: OVADA, Oxford
When: Wed 5 – Wed 12 Mar 2008
Digiville: Feed Lack Loop - Michel O'Connell
Digiville: Feed Lack Loop - Micheál O'Connell
Using a live performer and an Avatar in the Online World Second Life, Micheál O'Connell inquires whether the concept of interactivity, so lauded in contemporary culture, is about Empowerment or possibly leads to its opposite: Control.
Where: Lighthouse, Brighton
When: Thu 6 Mar 2008
It couldnt be made up!
It couldn't be made up!
In association with the Surface gallery, Nottingham Trent University presents five back to back, one week, group exhibitions centred on the alternate readings of the title.
Where: Surface Gallery, Nottingham
When: Mon 25 Feb - Thu 20 Mar 08
ROAM: A Weekend of Walking
ROAM: A Weekend of Walking
Three days of artist led walks and events across Loughborough, featuring Active Ingredient, Claire Blundell Jones, Duncan Speakman, Tim Brennan, Mark Gwynne Jones, Lottie Child and Tamara Ashley and Simone Kenyon.
Where: Loughborough
When: Sat 15 - Mon 17 Mar 2008
Kai-Oi Jay Yung - Paradise Stories
Kai-Oi Jay Yung - Paradise Stories
Interpretions of modern day paradise in response to rapid economic progress and man's attempt to make sense of life.
Where: International Gallery and Renew Rooms, Liverpool
When: Tue 4 Mar - Fri 28 Mar 2008
OPEN / INVITED e v+ a 2008 - Too Early For Vacation
OPEN / INVITED e v+ a 2008 - Too Early For Vacation
Ireland's pre-eminent annual exhibition of contemporary art will present the work of 45 artists from 17 countries of Continental Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, selected by Hou Hanru.
Where: City-wide venues throughout Limerick City, Ireland
When: Fri 7 Mar – Sun 25 May 2008

Upcoming talks:
Bill Fontana – 'Acoustic Simultaneity and the Sculpture of Sound'
Discussing his philosophy, practice and ambitions as well as the evolution of the 'sound sculptures' for which he is internationally renowned.
When: Mon 10 Mar 2008, 6 – 7.30pm
Where: Lecture Theatre, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Atterbury Street, London SW1P 4JU
Click here for further information.

Gustav Metzger - Talking Art
Interviewed by Andrew Wilson, Curator of Modern and Contemporary British Art at Tate. £8 (£6 concessions), booking recommended
When: Sat 29 Mar 2008, 2-3.30pm
Where: Tate Modern Starr Auditorium
Click here for further information.

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Monday 3 March 2008

5. berlin biennale für zeitgenössische kunst

5th berlin biennial for contemporary art
05.04. - 15.06.
When things cast no shad

When things cast no s
hadow, the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art, curated by Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic, brings together artists from different generations and nationalities in an exhibition by day and night that aims to trace the diversity of art practices today.

Eschewing a singular theme, form, or temporality, and determined instead by a critical engagement with artists' proces
ses, When things cast no shadow could be said to take the form of an open structure in five movements without a plot.

The day part of the 5th berlin biennial will be on view at four distinct venues and include mostly newly commissioned works by 50 artists, while the night part of the show will feature still more artists and cultural producers in 63 nightly events taking place in locations spread across the once-divided city.

The exhibition spaces of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, founded in 1991 in Berlin-Mitte will hold, among other projects, films by Babette Mangolte, Michel Auder, and Patricia Esquivias as well as an intervention by Ahmet Ög?üt that comments on state power and its means of control. The attic will be turned into a studio/installation activated by Tris Vonna-Michell's storytelling.

The iconic glass hall of Mies van der Rohe's ultra-modernist Neue Nationalgalerie in former West Berlin has inspired various responses from artists. Among them, a film installation by Susanne M. Winterling explores the water condensation that flaws van der Rohe's masterpiece, while Gabriel Kuri builds up a participatory sculpture that reorganizes one of the building's regular service operations. Cyprien Gaillard brings an unpretentious public sculpture from a housing project in Paris to the terrace of the museum thus positioning a symbol for one failed social-architectural ideal on the grounds representing an opposed, triumphant architectural ideal.

The outdoor exhibition site of the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, in the area formerly adjoining the Berlin Wall, presents, among other works, a new community-based project by Kater?ina S?edá, who goes over the fences that separate neighbors in her home village of Lís?en? in the Czech Republic. Lars Laumann screens a film about a woman who married the Berlin Wall, while Ania Molska installs a sculpture used as a prop in her new film.

The first of five alternating, artist-curated solo shows at the Schinkel Pavillon will feature works of Paris-based Swiss-born designer Janette Laverrière, presented by Nairy Baghramian. It will open on March 20, 2008, preceding the official opening of the 5th berlin biennial on April 5 and upsetting the demand for a single, spectacular biennial beginning.

The night part of the biennial,
entitled Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (My nights are more beautiful than your days), comprises 63 nocturnal acts involving artists and other thinkers and takes place throughout the city. Neuro-scientist Olaf Blanke demonstrates an out-of-body experiment, at the encouragement of artist Melvin Moti. The curatorial collective WHW holds a lecture on Modernism in the former Yugoslavia, and Augusto Boal, founder of the Theater of the Oppressed and this year's Nobel Peace Prize candidate, runs a workshop according to his context-sensitive teaching method. Cameron Jamie screens his recent film JO at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz with a live score by Japanese noise artist Keiji Haino, and more, night after night.

A comprehensive publication has been conceived as an interpretative tool in parallel with the 5th berlin biennial. It includes a visual and textual anthology of source material submitted by participating artists.

The visitors guided tour
s program Secret Service offers diverse formats of made-to-measure exhibition tours that enable the visitors to investigate the biennial from different angles. Further information and booking at

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Neue Nationalgalerie
Potsdamer Straße 50
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum
Kommandantenstraße / Neue Grünstraße
10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Schinkel Pavillon
Oberwallstraße 1
10117 Berli

Mes nuits sont plus belles que
vos jours
Every night except Mondays at various places in Berlin.
Detailed program available soon at

Curators: Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic

Director: Gabriele Horn

The presence of the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art at its various venues is made possible by a co-operation between Kunst-Werke Berlin e. V. and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz (for the Neue Nationalgalerie), KUNSTrePUBLIK e. V. (for the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum), and the organizers of the Schinkel Pavillon (for the Schinkel Pavillon).

The 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art is org
anized by KW Institute for Contemporary Art and is funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes/German Federal Cultural Foundation.

The publications accompanying the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art are generously supported by the LUMA Fou

Mes nuits sont plus belles que
vos jours, the night part of the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art, is kindly supported by the Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte (FABA).

The 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art is supported by Peter Marino Architect.

Weitere Informationen / Further information:
Maike Cruse
T +49 [30] 243
4 59 42

Research Seminar eca 4.30pm 05 FeMar 08 (Jonathan Murray)

Don’t Walk Away: Anton Corbijn’s Control and recent trends in film biography


Anton Corbijn’s Control, a biopic of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, is notable for its examination of Curtis’ life and myth. It also casts light on developments within the biopic as a whole. One of a recent slew of films depicting the lives of popular musicians (Ray, De-Lovely, Walk the Line, Last Days, La Vie en Rose, I’m Not There), Control is pulled between the traditional biographical urge to uncover the ‘true’ originating self behind a publicly performed persona and oeuvre, and more contemporary notions which propose that such a self is either chimerical or inaccessible to observers. This presentation discusses Control both as an addition to the burgeoning mythology of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s Manchester music scene and as a meditation on the attractions and limitations of the film biography.


Wednesday 5 March 2008, 4.30-5.30 pm

Hunter Building lecture theatre


PLEASE NOTE that the film Control will be screened in our Main Lecture Theatre at 5.15 on Thursday 6th March.




Dear all

PAPER X is a new zine experiment where anyone can submit work the aim
of the project is to get a flavour of what's out there and bring it
together into one final printed zine. (final copy will be in colour)
how it works is there are several blank PAPER X source books these are
to be drawn, painted, written in, stuff stuck in, etc source books will
be rotated to spur random collaborations, or you can email images asap
and i will print them and stick them in the source books to continue the

Images and works will be selected from the source books and printed into
the final first edition paper x zine but not all will make it as there
is only 34 spots available but nothing is lost
as the paper x source books and anything else will exhibited as a PAPER
X zine exhibition (location will be announced in due course)

at present paper x source books can be found at
Edinburgh college of art Tapestry, Sculpture, Painting, and the SRC

Collective gallery, Deadhead comics, and Embassy gallery (edinburgh)

please visit
or join the group
for more details, guidelines, and updates
will be going to the first Glasgow international artists bookfair royal
concert hall 25th-26th april 2008 first deadline for submissions 20th
march 2008, but the collaboration will work better if you can submit
works asap

please send jpeg medium size, or scan at 300 dpi IMAGES
if you have any questions please email the above address
Thanks and all the best


The Common Guild March Programme

The Common Guild

'Always Begins By Degrees'

The first in a series of exhibitions at
21 Woodlands Terrace Glasgow G3

1st - 29th March 2008

Adel Abdessemed
Marcel Broodthaers
Pavel Büchler
Anna Gaskell
Roni Horn
Marine Hugonnier
Philippe Parreno
Cerith Wyn Evans

and in residence Franz West and Andrew Miller

Open Thursday – Saturday 12 noon – 7 pm
Or by appointment


Roni Horn
'White Dickinson (ALWAYS BEGINS BY DEGREES)' aluminium and solid white plastic
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth Zürich London


A new series of talks presenting views from elsewhere by leading curators, critics and museum directors. This three-year programme aims to explore the connection between practice and context: looking at how different institutions and professional practices have taken shape in relation to specific places or situations.

Talks take place on Thursday evenings at 7 pm with the first events in the series:

6th March

LONDON: Jenni Lomax, Director, Camden Arts Centre

20th March

ISTANBUL: Vasif Kortun, Plaftorm Garanti Centre for Contemporary Art

Tickets are FREE but limited. To book, please call 0141 223 0087

Talks place in the Saloon of The Trades Hall of Glasgow, designed by Robert Adam in 1791-94, which, the medieval cathedral aside, is the oldest building in Glasgow still in regular use for its original purpose.

'Detours' is a collaboration with Glasgow School of Art Centre for Art in Social Contexts.


The Trades Hall of Glasgow

Supported by:

Tel: +44 (0)141 223 0087

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You are invited to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition at Studio One.


March 16th 2008
7 - 9pm


Drinks and music in the bar

Multimap link to Studio One:

Gillian Sherwood
Studio One

Mobile: +44 (0)7894568571
Office: +44 (0)1312202987
37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh
EH1 1JG, Scotland, UK