Tuesday 28 April 2009

The After School Club - CVCS Fundraiser - TONIGHT


If you thought the sculpture party was good....
You've not seen anything yet!

After School Club, 11pm Tuesday 28th at Bongo Club

Come and join the fun whilst helping raise funds for the MA CAT exhibition 'Grey Matter' to be held at Talbot Rice in June!

There will be, in no particular order:
face painting
bands - Knights of Limpjustice & Futuristic Retro Champions
DJs Chris (from the Egg) and the fabulous Sequin Sisters
and a raffle!

The amazing raffle prizes include:
Black & white TVs
Annual membership to Glasgow Sculpture Studios
Annual membership to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Rockstar Grand Theft Auto Mug
£20 to spend in Repro at eca
Futuristic Retro Champions signed album
Annual membership to the Embassy Gallery
Free life drawing class!

Raffle tickets will be available on the door.

See you there! The future of contemporary art in Scotland depends on it!

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201 

Monday 27 April 2009

TODAY artist talk: Ruth Barker

Monday 27th April
Main Lecture Theatre- ECA
3- 4pm
All welcome

Ruth Barker is a Glasgow-based artist originally from the North of England. Barker exhibits at a national and international level, and was commissioned to design the first British war memorial to commemorate non-combatants killed in warfare: The Choir Loft is now permanently sited at the Blackpool Cenotaph in England. Barker’s work is known for exploring ideas of mortality and language through a predominantly text-based practice that operates in both gallery context and the public sphere. Her recent work has been increasingly performance-based; using the structures and images of mythopoeic narrative to recite memorised poetic scripts, sometimes of considerable duration and with complex literary structures.

Ruth Barker is also the editor of Public Art Scotland (PAR+RS), and a co-founder and curator for Washington Garcia Gallery, Glasgow. She has been a board member of Glasgow Sculpture Studios, is currently a Researcher / Host for The Common Guild, and takes an active role in Glasgow's art community. In this talk she will discuss her various hats and how she chooses to wear them.

Take a look at:

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201 

Monday 20 April 2009

eca Visiting Artist - Wednesday

Visiting speaker Jo Longhurst will be in college on Wednesday. Hear her talk in the Main Lecture Theatre at 11am. All welcome.

Jo Longhurst is a London-based artist, whose lens-based works include photographs, stereoscopic installations and projections, video, and performance. She is interested in Perfection: how it shapes our personal identities, and our social and political systems; and how an idea of perfection informs the history and practice of photography.

Jo studied Russian with Politics at the University of Leeds, and Fine Art at the Royal College of Art, London. She is currently a Leverhulme Fellow at the European Centre for Photographic Research (eCPR), Newport, Wales, where she is developing a new project, Perfect, an interrogation of the process of training, exploring the physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts.

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201

Friday 17 April 2009

FW: ten til ten. / Bobby Niven / Dawson City / Saturday 18 April 6 - 8pm

ten til ten. presents Bobby Niven, Dawson City.

* new location: Arch 16, Eastvale Place, off Kelvinhaugh St. Glasgow.

Preview: Saturday 18 April, 6-8pm

Dawson City follows the artist's residency in January 2008 in Dawson City, located in the Yukon, one of the furthest North Western reaches of Canada.

The works in this exhibition, produced during this stay evoke and explore the nature of existence as the participant and as the observer, conscious of and privy to the myth and metamorphosis of a city buried beneath the snow.

The works in the exhibition suggest the processes of simulacrum, misrecognition, metamorphosis, mimesis and entropy and the psychological repercussions of all these different forms of transformation, all key themes of the artists practice.

These processes have a direct connection to an acknowledgment of the absurdity of the human condition and its manifestations through humour and psychosexual conundrums. In addition we are witness to a relationship to nature and animals through anthropomorphic recognition and their own relationship to mortality and existence, as well as what ultimately emerges as our own. In this way we see the commonality of our precarious relationship to life often accompanied by a recourse to myth, storytelling and legend.

Each of the works in this exhibition are to a greater or lesser extent sculptural stories wherein process takes premise over product. In questioning the state of things Niven questions the stories and laws that bind them and in doing so disturbs the boundary between the past and the present and the animate and the inanimate, the dead and the living, whilst doing so both curiously writing a personal history as well as inviting a public glance.

opening Saturday 18th April 6-8 pm.
open Thursday - Saturday 12-5 pm.

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201