Tuesday 11 December 2012



2014 approaches and questions of Scotland's future loom large on our shared cultural horizon: What is Scotland's destiny? How will we create that future? How do we manifest our own utopia in relationship to other people's idea of the future? Is it all so uncertain? Or can we create our own providence?

Using Zoe Beloff's theatrical interventions at last year's Occupy protests and Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed as starting points, this workshop led by artist Anthony Schrag includes discussions, talks and performances, exploring current debates of an independent Scotland. The day will culiminate in the creation of a collaborative artwork.

A presentation of the works will be open to the public at 4pm, followed by refreshments and an open discussion.

This is a FREE event, but booking is essential. Places are limited to 25.

To book:
Email: info.talbotrice@ed.ac.uk
Phone: 0131 650 2210
OR, in person at the Reception Desk


Wednesday 5 December 2012

ECONOMY Website Launch: A curatorial project led by the History of Art department at the University of Edinburgh

ECONOMY is a curatorial project realised as a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh's History of Art Department, Stills, Scotland's Centre for Photography and Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA).
The ECONOMY exhibition will open in January 2013 at Stills (Edinburgh) and CCA(Glasgow).  Today we're launching ECONOMY's unique website to generate constructive public discussion on how the economy impacts upon our lives.  You are invited to respond to short polemics penned by local and international writers, activists, journalists and artists. The Scotsman's columnist Joyce McMillan and writer Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt kick things off with a reflection on the promise of Scottish independence in the context of a competitive global economy and a short story about the demise of the Empire of Europe.  Visit the website to upload your own photographs to the Image Archive, participate in the ongoing debates and consult the material in the Reading Room. 

Follow this link to contribute: www.economyexhibition.net

In the 21st century, does the economy provide the ground zero of our sense of self? And what does this experience of a life dominated by economic relations feel or even look like? Presented across two cities and online the ECONOMY project addresses issues that range from climate change, labour conditions, sexuality, migration and the crisis of democracy to the quest for alternative futures. 

David Aronowitsch & Hanna Heilborn / Ursula Biemann / Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz / Jeremy Deller & Mike Figgis / Tracey Emin / Yevgeniy Fiks, Olga Kopenkina & Alexandra Lerman / Andrea Fraser / Claire Fontaine / Christos Georgiou / Melanie Gilligan / Johan Grimonprez / Andreas Gursky / Francesco Jodice / Kai Kaljo / Ernest Larsen & Sherrie Milner / Owen Logan / Rick Lowe / Angela Melitopoulos / Jenny Marketou / Dani Marti / Marge Monko / Tanja Ostojic / Anu Pennanen / Raqs Media Collective / Oliver Ressler & Dario Azzellini / Martha Rosler / Maria Ruido / Hito Steyerl / Mitra Tabrizian / Nuria Vila & Marcelo Expósito / WochenKlausur / Paolo Woods / Yorgos Zois

Saturday 19 January - Sunday 21 April 2013 / Monday - Sunday / 11am - 6pm / FREE
Preview Friday 18 January 
Saturday 26 January - Sunday 23 March 2013 / Tuesday - Saturday / 11am - 6pm / FREE
Preview Friday 25 January 
Curated by Angela Dimitrakaki and Kirsten Lloyd
ECONOMY is supported by The Association of Art Historians  / The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust / Creative Scotland  / Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e. V. / Austrian Cultural Forum London / Goethe Institut Glasgow / Finnish Institut in London / Arts Council of Finland / Inigo / City of Edinburgh Council / Glasgow Life / The Nancie Massey Charitable Trust

Monday 3 December 2012

Upcoming at Embassy Gallery | PERFORMANCE | Christmas Toddlers and Tiaras Beauty Pageant | 7-9PM | 10b Broughton St. Lane

Christmas Toddlers and Tiaras Beauty Pageant
Performance | Sunday 9th December | 7-9PM



Sunday 9th December


Infantalist dreams become a reality for a one night extravaganza of baby pageantry. Transform yourself into that preteen beauty queen that hides under the blanket of your granny realness. Make Momma proud.

Wanna be a Baby?
Urara will be hosting open drop-in workshops to help volunteers make costumes and provide advice on how to through a good tantrum.
Friday 7th / Saturday 8th Dec 3-6pm

Timetable of Events


Sewing Workshop
Homely to Glitz in 10-30mins! Come with nothing and walk out a cutie patootie..

Special Feeding Service
Enjoy our favourite food in soft form and one to one attention.

Makeup Tutorials
Express your inner superstar qualities through cosmetic experimentation.

Posing and Catwalk lessons
Learn from celebrity trainers how to impress the judges with glowing toddler confidence
8- 9pm
with judging followed by crowning

To enter the competition please visit the colorful pageant admin project managing organizational team and fill in a form. You will be asked to present yourself on the runway at 8pm and compete for the following titles…


Pageant winners will receive beautiful crowns, sashes, trophies, portraits, extreme self confidence and a complementary drink at the bar.

The Bar will be serving special pageant Go-Go Juice, Extra Virgin Mary & Sleepy Milk – lurid cocktails to stimulate and get you showing-off in style.

With guest compare Paul Kindersley

As seen at The Glue Factory

The third performance in 'you've been selected' by Urara Tsuchiya.

Tsuchiya's practice explores the disconcertion that can be found between the personal and social worlds. Her work includes creating performances, videos, and live events. She often incorporates soft sculptures, costumes, masks, and home cooking. These function as props in an alternate environment that make space for different behavior. She works with the binaries of, for example, animal/human and adult/baby to strange and humorous effect. She is interested in challenging the viewer to negotiate his or her own personal and physical boundaries. For instance, sometimes the audience is not invited to participate; instead they find themselves part of an orchestrated scene. Tsuchiya blurs and removes the neutralizing, distanced aspect of making her work obviously 'art'.

Urara was born and raised in Japan. She completed her BA in fine art at Goldsmiths in 2007, and MFA at The Glasgow School of Art in 2012. She currently lives and works in Glasgow.

10b Broughton Street Lane,



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The Long Game, Friday 7th December, The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane.

> Lucy Stein, France-Lise McGurn and Rose Ruane invite you to "The Long Game".
> A one night exhibition, with bleeding heart cocktails.
> Friday 7th December 7pm til midnight, The Old Hairdressers, Renfield
> Lane, Glasgow.
> We hope you can make it,
> All best
> Lucy

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Walking off the Grid Discussion

[https://staticapp.icpsc.com/icp/loadimage.php/mogile/479857/549947614983f8792aaaa42f87869fbd/image/jpeg] huntly ab54 8br | tel 01466-794494 | www.deveron-arts.com<http://www.deveron-arts.com>


Walking The Landscape

Michael Höpfner presents his reconstruction of the geography of our landscape. He is joined by Professor Tim Ingold of Aberdeen University.

9 Dec 2012 4.30pm Huntly Hotel


Walking The Landscape

Walking Off The Grid and The History of Walking talks by Michael Höpfner and Professor Tim Ingold

Michael Höpfner, a walking artist from Austria, has been walking in many places around the world. For this project, Walking off The Grid, he is spending 14 days circling Huntly on a 30 mile route around the Strathbogie area. His walk takes him through Gartly, Glass, Drumblade, Drumdelgie, Cairnie, Rothiemay, Kinnoir and the surrounding countryside. During this time he is reconstructing the geography of the landscape through the conversations, meetings and experiences along the way.

Michael finishes his walk this weekend and will be presenting the outcome of his project along with images and videos on Sunday 9 December, 4.30pm at the Huntly Hotel.

He will be joined by Professor Tim Ingold from the Anthropology department at Aberdeen University who will be giving a talk on the History of Walking.


[https://staticapp.icpsc.com/icp/loadimage.php/mogile/479857/507889b089db11b8b004874e21d9eb5d/image/jpeg] [https://staticapp.icpsc.com/icp/loadimage.php/mogile/479857/30589f4720b423f451d7108131a2b6bb/image/jpeg]

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.