Wednesday 5 September 2012

ESW 3 Exhibtions


Three Exhibitions
Opening: Friday 7th September, 7-9pm
Open: Monday 8th to Saturday 22nd September, 10am-5pm (not Sun)

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop presents three exhibitions displaying work from three different strands of our programme.

Laura Edbrook and Ailsa Lochhead have been working with the organisation since 2011 and are exhibiting the work which has been created as part of their Creative Initiative award.
Augustus Veinoglou is this year's ESW/eca Bursary recipient and here he is presenting part one of a two part project which examines the relationship between the old ESW building and the new.
Kuba Bakowski has completed the first RSA International Residency, hosted by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and is presenting a new work There and Back Again, a playful investigation of the hidden spaces of the new Sculpture Centre.

There and Back Again: Kuba Bakowski
Image: Courtesy of the artist

RSA resident Kuba Bakowski's site-specific installation There and Back Again explores the inaccessible spaces of the new Bill Scott Sculpture Centre. Modified Piko HO model trains equipped with miniature wi-fi cameras travel on tracks installed between the pipes and cables which run at a high level thorough out the spaces of the building. The live video transmission of the view from the front windows of the models can be watched on the several monitors, placed a few meters below. There are also several additional stationary wired cameras placed under the ceilings showing the action from the external perspective. The interaction with the architecture of the Sculpture Centre, the playing with scale and its kinetic nature form an artwork which is a synthesis of video, sculpture and installation.

NEW HAVEN act.1 Spolia: Augustus Veinoglou
A work challenging ideas about memory and our melancholic relationship with spaces, objects ...

Image: Marks, courtesy of the artist

Augustus Veinoglou, this year's ESW/eca Bursary recipient presents part one of his two part project. This phase alters and reconstructs the ad hoc solutions and d.i.y. infrastructure of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop's previous building and transposes them into the new Sculpture Centre. Hovering between installation and formal sculpture these objects form a tangible link between the new and the old.

Degree less Noon Laura Edbrook & Ailsa Lochhead
Image: Degree less Noon courtesy of the artists

Laura Edbrook and Ailsa Lochhead present an exhibition and limited edition bookwork following their collaborative Creative Initiative Residency 2011 – 2012.

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