Wednesday 12 October 2011

One Night Stand programme - call to tender

One Night Stand
at The Telfer Gallery

One Night Stand aims to question the established modes of arts presentation by exploring the given parameters of the exhibition format, and how as a social and cultural index it comes to condition and shape the form of contemporary artistic and creative practices. By focusing on the processes and terms of production within a critical framework, the aim of the two-week programme is to come to a deeper understanding of how and why we create work under the administration of a deeply embedded 'exhibition complex'. Consequently, questions regarding the (social) exchange value of creative practices would be addressed given the analysis of the exhibition as a situation - specifically one where pre-determined expectations and intentions produce a particular type of interaction.

The programme will be based upon a highly discursive framework, which will include a public discussion.
Following a further week of production, participating artists will have the opportunity to critically respond by working with and against the limitations of the opening night and exhibition's terms of engagement.

To apply as an artist, to register interest in participating in the discussion event, or to find out more, email: danesutherland{{{{at}}}}}hotmail{{{{dot}}}}co{{{{{dot}}}}}uk<>

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