Saturday 8 October 2011

Exhibition Reception Invite : Gayle Chong Kwan : The Obsidian Isle : Street Level Photoworks



Exhibition Reception

Gayle Chong Kwan

The Obsidian Isle

Saturday 15th October 6pm
4.30pm - Book Launch
3pm - Gallery talk and walkaround with Gayle Chong Kwan
Free - All welcome

Street Level Photoworks
Trongate 103 - Glasgow - G1 5HD

Exhibition runs: 15th Oct - 11th Dec

'The Obsidian Isle' is a fictional island, on which exist the lost and destroyed buildings and places of one country. It plays with wider ideas of collective history, national identity, landscape, tourism, and the distortion of memories, through the prism of the particularities of Scotland. From structures that fell into dereliction after the Highland Clearances, buildings destroyed during the Second World War, places torn down to make way for new developments, or structures that collapsed due to poor construction, the island is a place where visitors are invited to remember or possibly to collectively 'forget'. 'The Obsidian Isle' questions what is kept, what remains, what falls into ruin or is destroyed, what persists and how these can be altered by memories, myth or competing histories.

'The Obsidian Isle' is an installation of ten large-format photographic c-type prints of views which connect up to form a panoramic vista of the island; a series of small photographic prints which play with ideas of sensory abstraction and altered memories, developed by the artist through a series of workshops and events, and a series of small sculptural objects. The ten large-format photographs are constructed from found images, three-dimensional elements and medium-format photographs taken by the artist, which are re-made as mise-en-scenes of the island which are then photographed in the studio.

Developed in partnership with Ricefield and includes research carried out at the Glasgow Project Room (Trongate 103) in April 2010. The exhibition has been printed at Street Level and produced in partnership with Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen.

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A publication designed and published by Gayle Chong Kwan and Graphical House has been produced to accompany the show. A minigraph with an article by Dominic Paterson is also available.



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