Monday 25 October 2010

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Mapping the Future: Public Art In Scotland

Symposium 1 <>
New Perspectives: Inspirational Approaches: Chair Moira Jeffrey
6 October 2010.
Speakers: Tom van Gestel, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Graham Fagen, Judith Rugg
Question: What can we learn from these inspirational approaches?

Symposium 2 <>
Scotland Now:
Chair Alastair Snow
13 October 2010
. Speakers: Clive Gillman, Peter McCaughey, Diarmaid Lawlor, Lucy Byatt
Question: Is public policy fit for the purpose of commissioning public art?

Symposium 3 part 1
Mapping the Future: Chair Jason E. Bowman
20 October 2010
. Speakers:
Claire Doherty, Venu Dhupa, Tracy Mackenna, Ken Neil
Question: What do we need to do now to shape the future of public art?

Symposium 3 part 2 <>
Mapping the Future: Chair Jason E. Bowman.

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