Tuesday 17 September 2013

Join the Rhubaba Choir! This Thursday, 6pm.

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Please join us at Rhubaba for the inaugural meeting of the new Rhubaba Choir (aka. The Sweet Singers)! 

The choir will initially be meeting twice-monthly, on Thursday evenings.

The first meeting will be this Thursday, 19th September at 6pm. There'll be some light refreshments and a good chance to discuss the project as well as getting straight into some singing and vocal exercises.

As well as being a chance to sing together in a group and share experience, the choir will become a commissioning platform for new works, intended to provide invited artists, musicians and writers with the resource of collective voices as a material. Rhubaba will invite artists to make works for and with the voices of the choir, whether through more traditional music or by using the voice in other ways - speech, noise etc.

The repertoire of the choir will be defined by the choir members themselves. So if you have particular songs you would like to sing (whether already a choral piece or not) then you can make that suggestion to the group and discuss how it could be done. 

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to come together with a community of people, enjoy singing and want to be challenged in the ways you use your voice then the choir could be for you. 

We are not looking for professional standard singing and welcome anyone who wants to lend their voice to the chorus. 

We already have two commissions to work on, so come along to find out what they will be!

If you'd like any more information or wish to join but can't make it along on Thursday then feel free to email us at info@rhubaba.org.




Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Tom Varley and BAZ.

Each contributing artist has been invited to 'host a meal' during the winter months of 2013. The meal, its structure and the potential act of hosting, is intended as a starting point for each guest to develop new work (be that an event, an evening of eating and talking or something else entirely).

More news on these new commissions and associated events will follow shortly.

Tom Varley - Violence. Silence., 2013, 16mm transferred to HD Video, 5 mins.

Past but not forgotten:

Lovely Sky (Participatory Imagineering)

Lucy Pawlak – CEO in residence (COE-IR)

2 August – 1 September 2013

Documentation of Lucy Pawlak's period as CEO in residence during her project Lovely Sky (Participatory Imagineering) is now online here.

Thank you to all who participated, in particular to those who contributed to the various Magic Hours throughout the month.


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