Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Temporary Art Repair Shop at ESW


Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop opens The Temporary Art Repair Shop

Monday 12th November - Friday 7th December

Artist, Tobias Sternberg will be running The Temporary Art Repair Shop at ESW from Monday 12th November. This is your chance to have an object you own converted into an artwork for free.

Anyone can come in and present Tobias with an object which is broken, faulty, disproportionate, ugly, unsuccessful, or in some way not suitable for its intended purpose. The visitor explains what is wrong with the object, and depending on the work load and the suitability of the object, Tobias can then choose to accept to remake it into an artwork. If so, it is then photographed, a brief account is written detailing its shortcomings, and the visitor receives a receipt as proof of having handed it in.
It is understood that the visitor is giving Tobias the right to do whatever he decides with the object until it is later handed back.

Tobias will use his skills as a sculptor to turn the received objects into sculptures. When, and if, finished, the object is again photographed, and then displayed in the Temporary Art Repair Shop until the closing day on Friday 7th December. There is no guarantee that every accepted object will be turned into art objects because of time restraints, lack of inspiration or whatever other reason.

On the last day all owners are invited to come by and collect their old objects now turned into new sculptures. The service is free. Just show up with your receipt, and if you feel like it, contribute your impressions of your newly acquired artwork.

The month long project is designed to explore new ideas around what it means to make public sculpture, who should pay for art and who can own it, what the worth and value of art is.