Tuesday 2 October 2012

Artists Talks during 'Luminate' at Street Level


These discussions and talks are Street Level's contribution to Luminate<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001U7Pd8sa3IJHSSFONoQA7__BwpQCFwIoF0UEThfiGc38Fb-kABQYJtmmXyxNcT7iNdwgvH4g8__WnResJWBNUP7fdyYsfJOkG-ZmvcqiV6X8ogEJHbqjNVQ==> (celebrating our creative lives as we age). This brand new festival takes place across Scotland throughout October and is set to offer an exciting and high quality programme of arts events and activities with and for older people, as well as events that attract audiences and participants across the generations.

All talks take place at Street Level Photoworks, Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD


SUSIE REA : Super Vivere
Tuesday, October 9th - 6pm
'Super Vivere' looks at the lives of the oldest old.

COLIN GRAY : The Parents + In Sickness and in Health
Tuesday, October 9th - 7pm
'In Sickness and in Health' is an exhibition of poignant and courageous photographs by Hull born artist Colin Gray and forms the final stages of 'The Parents' series, begun in 1980.

KATHERINE GREEN : 48 Olympians
Tuesday 23rd October - 6pm
During the past few years, Green has been meeting with, photographing and recording interviews with the British Olympic Team from the 1948 Olympics, the last time the Olympics were held in London.

ALISON MARCHANT : Living Room + Other Projects
Tuesday 23rd October - 7pm
For the past 25 year's, Marchant has been researching and making photographic installations and live art work about working class women's histories and memories embedded in urban communities.

Thurs 1st November - 6pm
Commissioned by Ireland's nationwide celebration of creativity in older age,'INK' is an exhibition of original photographs of older people with tattoos.

For more details on the talks please see our website><http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001U7Pd8sa3IJFmUSViZsMaAr0jm-mQ_thgM1Hj_eLO3KjxmeOMFNbKEtppeKtf5ecR_ryebQZU-oAwOCVyrTkDRY-90JD5xbSRf0d52N2eoSiH11rflFQQZ7nVU2YtT_AoeCb1JtbFjd6mUX8FQzlg85WOE-7Am8-X0kPCtsFNZkORNRE0kIXw4pLW8yUrTj16iENoh8EUAVx99TkyFM-uig==>

Image top: Aidan Kelly - Ink.
Image bottom: Susie Rea - Super Vivere.



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