Thursday 19 July 2012

Cheer Up! It's not the end of the world...


Cheer Up! It's not the end of the world…
02 August to 08 September 2012

Ricky Allman, Martin Barrett, Gordon Cheung, Etienne Clément, Jake & Dinos Chapman, David Faithfull, Damien Hirst, Konstantin Kalinovich, Kris Kuksi, Lori Nix and Andy Warhol

'We're a' doomed!'
Feared by some, welcomed by others, the end is, apparently, nigh. This premiere exhibition presents the work of several international artists who have in some sense explored ideas about the end of the world, apocalypse, finality, the death of thought, or related eschatological concerns.
Includes prints and other media by Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gordon Cheung, Damien Hirst, and Andy Warhol, among others, plus a range of older historical images.
This exhibition is curated by Norman and Sarah-Manning Shaw and is part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2012


02 August, 6-8pm. All welcome! No need to book. Apocalyptic cocktails and canapés will be served.

Curator's Talk
04 August 2012, 2-3pm, FREE
Co-curator Dr Norman Shaw will give a talk about the works in the exhibition, expanding on the themes and issues they explore.

Rip Off Workshop!
11 August 2012, 1.30 to 5.30pm, £40 each/ £35 conc.
Inappropriate appropriation is the order of the day in this fun collage workshop. Taking the work of subversive artists,
The Chapman Brothers and others as inspiration.

The End is Nigh!
Block Printing Workshop
18 August 2012, 1.30 to 5.30pm, £40 each/ £35 conc.
Taking the apocalyptic theme of the exhibition 'Cheer Up! It's not the end of the world…' as inspiration, print your own doomsday message using this rough and ready old poster medium.

Talk by Kevin Whitesides
2012 Invades Popular Culture: Mayans, Memes, and the End of a World Era
23 August, 6.30pm, tickets £5 each
Apocalyptic culture researcher Kevin Whitesides will give a talk about the 2012 phenomenon and its history, interpretations, and artifacts. Kevin is currently a postgraduate student in Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh completing a dissertation on cultural transmission in the 2012 apocalyptic milieu. He has published and presented widely on the 2012 phenomenon in the academic world and contributed an article on the 'End of the World Buffet' for the March 2012 issue of Fortean Times.

Prior booking for these events is essential, as places are limited.
To book, email<x-msg://77/> or phone 0131 5572479