Tuesday 9 March 2010

March at SWG3, Glasgow

Blind Alchemy

Rachel Adams and Ian Giles

Friday 12.03.10
19:30 - 21:30

13.03.10 - 28.03.10
Weds - Sat
12:00 - 18:00

Artist Talk
Saturday 13.03.10

Blind Alchemy delights in the 'home-made' nature of alchemy rather than its wide possibilities. Adams and Giles have been intrigued by the alchemy that colours the everyday with its magic: nettle wine brewed at the bottom of the garden, then gulped down in the haze of twilight - it may not be the elixir of life but as the mind swirls and the ground seems to lift away there is no doubt that chemistry has its uses.

One of the pursuits of the alchemist, turning lead into gold, lies in the no man's land between scientific procedure and magical reaction. Turning nothing into something is a key part of both artist's practices. Rachel uses cheap throwaway materials to investigate the line between painting and sculpture whereas Ian's work focuses on performative acts dealing with image making and transformation of the body. Doing an act 'blind' also hints at the process of collaboration, conjuring ideas of experimentation, accident and trial, which are undertaken in any artistic partnership.

The artists started working together in the form of a blog called 'This to Follow That', which became a image essay where each artist posted an image everyday, creating a visual dialogue. From this start point, the artists have researched the underlying themes and concepts within the blog to create a new series of works.

Ian and Rachel will hold an artist's talk on Saturday 13.03.10 - 15:00

Exhibition in association with The Royal Standard and supported by the Scottish Arts Council

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The Warehouse

Blind Alchemy Afterparty - 12.03.10

21:00 - Late

Dougie Morland
David Barbarossa

Recent events in The Warehouse

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'Comrade Couture' with NOIR! and Glasgow Film Festival 2010


Red Bull Music Academy - Glasgow Sessions

The Warehouse is available for hire for a range of live events and activities
www.swg3.tv/thewarehouse <http://t.ymlp192.com/behafamusaiauhqaxaumh/click.php>

Gallery - April

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art
15.04.10 - 03.05.10

+44 141 Gallery

Baldvin Ringsted
Low Growl

Mon - Sat

16.04.10 - 03.05.10
12:00 - 18:00

The first UK solo exhibition by Icelandic-born, Glasgow based Ringsted,
presenting a new body of work comprising of sculpture and sound installation
drawing upon his experience as a musician and interest in music and pop-culture.


SWG3 2nd Floor


Mon - Sat

16.04.10 - 03.05.10
12:00 - 18:00

Cybraphon, created by music and art collective, FOUND,
is an interactive, mechanical band in a box.
When it senses people looking at it in the gallery,
Cybraphon springs to life and plays music for the visitors.


Sam Kennedy

16.04.10 - ongoing

Viewed from the train between Partick and Charing Cross Stations

Sam Kennedy will work with the three window spaces
at the front SWG3 creating a permanent artwork,
to be viewed from the train line adjacent to the studio complex.


Dan Miller

SWG3 Off-Site
Arch Unit
5 Osborne St

Mon - Sat
16.04.10 - 03.05.10
12:00 - 18:00

Sandy Smith

SWG3 Off-Site
Arch Unit
7 Osborne St

Mon - Sat
16.04.10 - 03.05.10
12:00 - 18:00

Long standing SWG3 Studio residents, Sandy Smith and Dan Miller,
will each present solo exhibitions as part of offsite projects.


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