Tuesday 13 May 2008

Its Easy - A Panel Discussion with a Twist

Its Easy* - A Panel Discussion with a Twist

Tramway 4
Sat 7 June 2008, 2 - 4pm (Free event)

Glasgow based artist Anthony Schrag has co-ordinated a publication that takes its inspiration from a programme of eight live art experiments he curated at Intermedia gallery in 2007 (entitled its not hard). Looking at live art in all its various forms, functions and conundrums it includes writers such as John Calcutt, Ruth Barker, and Mary Patterson. It looks backwards at these works, examining them and the genre as a whole, but also looks at current critical dialogues, the structures that are needed for support and future exciting projects.

To celebrate its launch, and to encourage the knowledge amassed to be discussed and challenged, Tramway will host a panel discussion - with a twist. Speakers who have very different relationships with live art include Steve Slater, Senior Producer, Tramway, artist/curator Ryan Weber, and artist/writer/critic John Beagles. Jean Cameron, producer of the recent Gi 2008 Visual Arts Festival (www.glasgowinternational.org) will act as moderator/judge for the afternoon.

The event aims, like the book, not to answer but to ask questions and stimulate debate.

A launch party will take place that evening, 7-9pm, at Intermedia gallery, CCA, with performances and some 'unrealised/unrealisable projects'.

*Grammatical error intentional.


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