Monday 4 February 2008

'Start Ups' Presents Michelle Kasprzak - Lecture Tomorrow

'Start Ups' Presents Michelle Kasprzak.
Main Lecture Theatre
Tuesday 5th February

Michelle Kasprzak is the Programme Director of New Media Scotland. She is
also a curator, writer, and artist. Michelle has exhibited her work across
North America and Europe, and she has been featured in numerous
publications and on radio and television broadcasts syndicated worldwide.
Her recent curatorial projects have been produced for public spaces in
Montréal and Melbourne.

Michelle Kasprzak will be speaking about her experiences making the transition
from college to employment, developing mentorships and
networking, 'thinking global' about professional development, and
maintaining a balance between gainful employment and an ongoing engagement
with creative practice. She will also discuss the programmes and services
of her current employer, New Media Scotland, and how the organisation can
assist graduates.