Wednesday 27 February 2008

e-artnow: more contemporary art for everybody for free!


e-artnow: 27.02.2008

e-artnow: more contemporary art for everybody for free!


e-artnow: more contemporary art for everybody for free!


e-artnow is an electronic information (e-mail) service distributing world- wide selected information related to contemporary visual arts.

e-artnow offers you a free announcement to our +50.000 worldwide readers specialized in contemporary visual art. We create an alternative information channel for progressive and experimental initiatives as well as for some of the most vital and prestigious institutions of the contemporary art world.

How to create your announcement:

1. Register in order to get a username and a password:

2. Log in with your username and password:

3. Create your announcement:
Enter relevant contact information, text and picture, then preview your announcement and submit it.

Please do not send us any announcements per e-mail, as we will not be able to proceed them.

We do care about the content of the announcements.
Our aim is to provide our +50.000 world-wide readers with interesting and relevant information. Each submitted announcement is carefully considered regarding artistic quality, relevance and content.

We welcome artists, curators, all kinds of art institutions (museums, art centers, art schools), magazines, non-profit organizations as well as commercial galleries to use our service in order to announce, report, criticize and initiate new projects.

Initiated in 2003 as a personal artists project (a contemporary art mailinglist) under the name of Artinfo-l, e-artnow is happy to offer an alternative specialized information service in the field of contemporary art.

Database demographics:

51.563 visual arts professionals: 53% in North America, 43% in Europe, and 4% Other (Asia, South America, Australia, etc.) 16% writers/critics, 18% galleries, 16% curators, 14% museum affiliated, 20% artists, 6% consultants, 5% collectors, 4% general
We offer you one free "get to know" announcement.
After the first free announcement we have a single rate of 100 euro for your next  announcements.

Enjoy reading and posting relevant contemporary art information!

Warm regards, e-artnow