Wednesday 28 November 2007

Embassy artist in residence - call for submissions

The current Embassy artist in residence Mike Chavez-Dawson is looking for participants for his Edinburgh projects - details are below.  Please could you circulate these to anyone you think may be interested.
'The Remarkable Apperception'

(The Market Place Requires Hekyll & Jybe)


'On a late cold rainy October afternoon in 2000 whilst on a train journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow, it was born. It was at the half waypoint between Edinburgh and Glasgow when I fell into a half awake state with my thoughts before me becoming hallucinogenic visions: I saw myself finishing a series of Gallery Guard performances at key points in a medieval themed village on some 60's TV set (some arty sci-fi series), amongst the false piazzas I caught a glimpse of Andy Kauffman, Peter Sellers and Andy Warhol disappearing into a broom cupboard, unseen I followed them. Like a fly on a wall I witnessed a game of soggy biscuit between the three; Janis Joplin and Valerie Solanas stood in the shadows, shrouded in white cloaks chanting some undecipherable words (which later I would identify as 'Robin Nature-Bold'). With a tick of the long arm the scene became an unruly and uncaged zoo; Moths, Peacocks, Donkeys, Cuckoos, a man in wooden underpants setting fire to his moustache, a trip to Margate's Dreamland and a guest appearance of a symmetrically faced, eyes closed, grey skinned & suited man in specs, tubes, fluids, and psychedelic colours. In a misty haze Janis Joplin and Valerie Solanas were now Siamese twins and from their joint womb slithered forth a paper pulp substance into a vat of photographic developing fluid. The train jolted violently to a stop (some signal fault) and I awoke me from my trance like state, emblazed on my retinas was an image of a blind guitarist with the words 'I Just Want To be A Fucking Cool Artist' carved into his chest, I muttered the words and the name Robin Nature-Bold, and thought to myself I must return to the curry house 'Kushhl's' when I'm back in Edinburgh.'

Extract from Mike Dawson's Notebook, 11/10/00


Mike Chavez-Dawson will use the above extract as the starting point for his residency, he will undertake a series of performances and collaborative works to re-examine the creation of his second alter ego Robin Nature-Bold and Nature-Bolds relation to his original alter ego The Gallery Guard. Both alter egos have seemingly differing agendas when it comes to creating works of art, but both employ comparable methods. Chavez-Dawson will create a metaphorical link between Robert Louis Stevenson (The Strange Case of) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Roland Barthes 'Music Practica' as a loose narrative & contextual inspiration to underpin his various works.


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Call for submission and participants:


Mike Chavez-Dawson, would like to invite Embassy members, committee members (past & present) and associates to create a piece of work based on his extract (Notebook, 11/10/00), this can be in any medium, though wall based pieces shouldn't be any bigger than A2, video & audio works submitted shouldn't be any longer than 3 minutes (and will be part of a show reel displayed on a wall mounted monitor). For consideration, please send a loose outline of what you will create and three samples of your work or link to your website, Deadline 10 December '07.


Chavez-Dawson, is also looking for photographers, filmmakers, and sound artists to assist with documenting his performances, these will be made into works that will be show during his exhibition. Also, he would like to make contact with any performance oriented artist/musicians, again send sample of works and contact details. Please contact ASAP.




Chavez-Dawson will present his alter ego Robin Nature-Bolds performance 'WHAT EVER YOU SEE ARE YOUR OWN DEMONS, THEY'RE NOT COMING FROM ME' at the Embassy Gallery 4th December, doors at 6.30pm performance starts at 7.15pm prompt, please wear as much white clothes/garments you have and bring a fresh unboiled egg with you, you will be given a piece of text to explain the case in hand at the time, please keep an open mind.


Chavez-Dawson will present his alter ego The Gallery Guards performance 'CARRYING THE FRAME' starting at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop at 9.30am, 12 th December (tbc) he will attempt to visit every gallery/art space in Edinburgh, exact details to be posted nearer the time, though he would like anyone to join him on his journey or meet him at the venues (times tbc), he would also like them to tell him about their favourite work of art, but he won't be able to respond as he will take a vow of silence during the pilgrimage, his end destination will be The Embassy Gallery.