Wednesday 19 January 2011

School of Art - Artists' Talk: How to Reconcile the Careerist Mentality with Our Impending Doom

How to Reconcile
the Careerist Mentality
with Our Impending Doom
A lecture by Ellie Harrison
Thursday 27 January 2011
Main Lecture Theatre,
Edinburgh College of Art
This lecture has been programmed to coincide with the launch of 'Trajectories' - a new web-based project by artist Ellie Harrison designed to enable you to compare your life to other people's; to test how you match up against their achievements.
Using 'Trajectories' as a satirical backdrop, the lecture aims to take a critical look at the culture of 'professional practice' within the art school which, having evolved over the course of New Labour's 'creative decade' ('97 – '07), has actively encouraged careerism and the rise of the 'cultural entrepreneur'. Now as we enter a new era of uncertainty, both in financial and environmental terms, this lecture aims to examine whether these working models are indeed still viable and/or ethical, and to explore whether it is possible to reconfigure the new skills we have learned for greater social benefit.
'Trajectories' is supported by an Alt-w award from New Media Scotland. The lecture will be followed by the official project launch at New Media Scotland's headquarters Inspace, which doubles as a preview for the 2011 Edinburgh Art Festival.
Thursday 27 January 2011
18:00 - 20:00
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street,
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB
The lecture is free and open to all. To be on the guest list for the launch please RSVP by Thursday 20 January 2011 to

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