Tuesday 3 August 2010

The Wild Pansy Press BRITISH BOOK OF VIOLENCE : Call for Contributors

The Wild Pansy Press
Call for Contributors

Britain has a long and distinguished history of violence - in this we  
are like any other nation; however, it has been argued that we inflict  
it on ourselves and on others with particular enthusiasm and efficiency.

The way this history is manifested is specific, violence being part of  
our national identity. The British brand of violence informs our art,  
our humour our politics, our sexual habits and our social identities.  
Its present threat underwrites political and social hegemonies and  
haunts our dreams; we laugh with relief at our escape when it is  
inflicted on someone else; we turn it inwards on ourselves in  
spectacular cycles of addiction, abuse and self-hatred. Our artists  
and writers inflict violence on materials, ideas and language (and  
sometimes on themselves) as an intrinsic part of the creative process.
What are the particular forms in which our national history of  
violence is manifested through language and culture?

WPP invites artists’ and writers‘ initial outline responses to the  
idea of British Violence - historical, political, sexual, ritual,  
comical, subliminal, practical, institutional... we would particularly  
welcome material from non-british contributors  either resident or  
offering a view from “outside”.

WPP will work with the selected contributors to produce work to be  
included in the second* of an ongoing series of themed group  
publications in which the editors at WPP act as curators and  
animateurs to develop publications which extend and confound the usual  
notions of the book.

We are looking for: visuals of all kinds, instructional projects,  
games, short texts of any kind (notional maximum 2000 words) - works  
of fiction, fact or any combination of the two. We need to receive  
proposals and expressions of interest by September 30th 2010, with a  
view to completion by December 30th and publication in early 2011.

Contact: info@wildpansypress.com

*The Wild Pansy Press is a collective art practice which also  
functions as a small publishing house. Our most recently-completed  
project is the ‘Wild Pansy Press Book of Rainy Day Activities’, a  
compilation of instructional projects from an international roster of  
artists and other contributors, distributed as four A2 sheets to be  
folded into a 64-page book. Like many of our projects, it was  
distributed free as part of an exhibition and later through our website.
WPP is based in the School of Fine Art at the University of Leeds and  
has built up a considerable catalogue of books and projects exploring  
and advancing publication in its widest sense as both a distributional  
          strategy and medium of practice.
Edinburgh College of Art (eca) is a charity registered in Scotland, number SC009201