Monday 10 December 2007

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THE FOREST 3 bistol pl

Kitchen Table
Alice Myers, Sally Adams, Jessie Buchanan
10th-15th Dec
Closing gathering 13th dec 7.30

Come and talk to us, we will be:
Rethinking the gallery space and exhibition format to encourage people to discuss our work with us, treating an exhibition as a stage in a discussion, feeding your ideas back into our work, open to anything, drinking tea around a kitchen table, all day, for the duration of the exhibition.

15th-23 Dec

TKXMAXX- a merry celebration of Christmas culture-the festive incarnation of the Forest free shop! That’s right! new and improved! Now with 100% more gallery!
 Its buy none get one free! 
TKXMAXX will be one part investigation into the dark side of the horn of plenty, one part space for found objects and artists editions- all available for a one-time-only special price of nothing!  Every priceless item in the shop will be on sale for free!