Wednesday 24 October 2007

Sandy Meets 2

Sandy Meets

You are cordially invited to Sandy Meets 2, Book Launch.
Collective Gallery, Cockburn Street, Friday 26th October 7 - 9pm

Sandy Meets 2: the long awaited sequel to Sandy Meets!  If you missed out on the first one, this is essential reading material. After great demand SM2 is finally ready to be unleashed on the public at large.

Sandy Meets explores the myth and cult of the celebrity and turns it on its head by adding Scottish colloquialisms into the mix. Sandy's role as a close friend or neighbour reduces the notion of celebrity to the everyday; whilst adding an imaginative spin to each scenario.

'Meets' range from superman getting told off by his mother for not doing the dishes, to a centrefold depicting Steve McQueen in his new job working in the chippy van. Others include telling Snoop Dogg the car boot sale is back on and Jessica Fletcher's new job as a gangster rapper (murder she rapped) and a couple of old favourites reappear from the first book.

Works by Matisse and Keith Haring

remade by Keith Farquhar

 Exhibition preview:

Friday 19th Oct 2007 7pm-9pm


Exhibition open:

20th Oct-18th Nov 2007

Gallery open:

Thurs- Sun 12pm-6pm

 The Embassy

76 East Crosscauseway




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